What are the outstanding features of rubber sheets & what purposes do they serve

Posted by David Kenton on April 15th, 2019

Exhibiting very good superior resistance to all the chemicals such as acids, alkalis at extreme temperatures, the EPDM Rubber Sheet is generally composed of the synthetic elastomer which are used for many purposes.

The excellent and outstanding resistance to the ozone effects, the users prefer these rubber mats for outdoor purposes.

Let us have a look at some of the interesting features of these EPDM rubber sheets:

• These sheets generally remain totally stable even when they are exposed to the UV rays and therefore gives excellent resistance to the ozone effects.

• They are resistant to hot water and steam, thereby exhibiting excellent physical properties.

• These sheets do not get damaged or deteriorate a bit even when they are submerged in water so it is also perfect for marine applications.

• They are totally fire resistant so these EPDM sheets usually produce low smoke and hence they have low toxicity.

• As mentioned above they are totally resistant to chemicals like acids, alkalis and oil, thus making it a first choice for the buyers.

• They are totally customized so that they are used for special and useful applications.

• Within a very wide range of temperature which ranges from less than 30 degree Celsius to 130 degree Celsius, they can still operate.

• The functionality of these sheets is not at all reduced even during the extreme changes in weather.

What are the applications of these EPDM rubber sheets?

The EPDM rubber sheet has been structured for use as a flexible strip, lining, pad, and is mainly used for Sealing, insulating, isolating and protecting steel or other surfaces as its properties make it usable for number of applications.

• Used in the dust covers
• Used in the variety of underwater applications.
• Heat resistant skirting rubbers and belt scrapers
• Used at isolation barriers
• Used for weatherproof flashing
• Used near insulating strip

They are available in many forms depending on the use of mechanical properties, specific gravity and the surface finish.

The EPDM waterproofing membrane are completely resistant to UV rays and are highly resistant to the harmful effects of gases like Ozone.

One of the best features include its high resistance to the harmful effects of ozone and extreme changes in the weather conditions.

The EPDM Membrane Manufacturers make sure that the particular Geo membrane displays some of the best enjoyable physical properties like its resistance to puncture, its high tensile and mechanical strength. Also like the EPDM rubber sheets it does not deteriorate even when it is submerged in water so it is really a very good choice for marine environments.

Let us have a look at some of the features below:

• It has very good flexibility.
• They have a really good temperature from - 400 degree Celsius to 1200 degree Celsius.
• They are totally water proof.
• Changes in weather do not affect the structure of the sheets.
• The quality is never compromised and these sheets are available at affordable price
• The standard width of the membranes is 1.2M followed by 20M for thickness and the tolerance of thickness is generally more or less 10% with a width of 2% and length of 5%.

What are the features of Chloroprene Rubber sheet?

The neoprene rubber sheet or the chloroprene rubber sheet has very good abrasion properties even without the filters and has a very good resistance. The chloroprene rubber sheet manufacturers make sure that it exhibits excellent features like its good resistance to heat, and ozone and therefore it gives a good adhesion to metal.

The temperature ranges mainly from -40 degree Celsius to more than 125 degree Celsius.
It is highly resistant to the inorganic hydrocarbons and resistant to fire. So from the above mentioned features we come to know that nearly all kinds of rubber sheets display the same kind of physical properties so that it could be used in variety of purposes.

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