5 Methods To Perform Animal Assisted Suicide Or Euthanasia

Posted by caminoanimalhospital on April 15th, 2019

Losing your four-legged family member is painful but watching them suffering is even worse. For many of us deciding to get our dog euthanasia in Pollock Pinesis quite a big challenge. However, to put an end to the suffering of your dog, choosing euthanasia is the kindest decision to make. The word euthanasia in Greek means ‘good death’. The method of assisted suicide was first opted by Emperor Augustus. For centuries euthanasia has been a subject of debate in several countries. However, countries like Netherland and Belgium have legalized the mercy killing on demand by a person under the provision of professionals.

Methods of Euthanasia
Depending on various situations, the dog euthanasia in Pollock Pines varies. However, there are 2 broad categories of euthanasia given to animals. These are pharmacological and physical methods. Among pharmacological methods injecting drugs or gases to suppress the central nervous system followed by the cardiovascular system is performed. On the other hand, physical methods include disruption of the central nervous system by the loss of consciousness. Some of the most common and acceptable methods of performing euthanasia are:

• Intracardiac or intraperitoneal injection
This kind of euthanasia involves injecting drugs like pentobarbital which is injected directly into the cardiac cavity of the animal. The maximum time to take effect on an animal like a dog or cat is 15 minutes. This method can only be performed on an animal which is completely sedated or unconscious.

• Inhalants
Like gas chambers, this method is usually performed on small animals like cats or dogs.  Gases like isoflurane or sevoflurane are leased in high amounts to choke the animal to death. Carbon dioxide is also used as  euthanasia gas to first unconscious the animal followed by death. However, countries like the U.S have banned the use of carbon dioxide in animal shelters.

• Intravenous anaesthetics
This is a widely used method in the U.S on animals like horse or cattle. Intravenous anaesthetics are performed under the supervision of veterinarians in two stages. In the first phase, the injection makes the animal unconscious and the second shot leads to calm death of the animal.

• Cervical dislocation
Displacing the neck area by applying force is the most uncommon method of euthanasia for small rodents like rats. With correct snapping, the animal suffers very less pain and sudden death as a result of cervical dislocation. However, proper training and technique are required to perform such procedures. This method is among the less preferred method and often substituted by inhalants.

Bidding farewell through dog euthanasia in Pollock Pines is emotionally wrecking. The pet owners generally consult professionals to recommend the right phase and situation to opt for this method. Old or terminally ill dogs and pets are the ones who undergo this procedure. Make sure you are well-versed with the norms and laws of your country before heading towards dog euthanasia in Pollock Pines.

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