Logistics and Ideal Duration Of A Tanzania Safari

Posted by Nicki Jenns on April 15th, 2019

First of all, if you organize your safari yourself, take into account the time difference and the long hours of transport. Tanzania is a big country and the suffocating heat makes traveling less pleasant. If you plan to visit more than one park, it may be better to travel by plane. The majority of agencies, even those booked on-site, offer ground transportation to your park from major centers served by international airports (Dar es Salaam and Arusha).

Think of smart planning related activities to see in the country . Two, three days at the beach after your safari is perhaps more enjoyable than directly chaining Kilimanjaro.

Three (3) days safaris , it's really the minimum to hope to enjoy everything and shorter, it leaves you on your appetite. But it must be considered that more than three (3) days, it is exhausting, it is necessary to know it. A full day to be brewed in a jeep , it tired. Be aware that there are two major types of jeeps in safaris: the platform and the standard. While the platform gives you a seat with almost direct access to nature, so sitting well permanently (more expensive, of course), space in the standard is more restricted and less comfortable over the long term.

For those who have never done safari, we advise you to vary your means of transport to enhance it: by jeep one day, by boat the next; walk in the morning and jeep at sunset. Or even ask your agency, if they do night tours, the atmosphere is, they say, totally different.

If time permits, it is more advisable for the wallet, to reserve his safari package on site. Honestly, prices can vary from double to triple. Spot a few agencies before you leave and, on the spot, take a day to meet them. If present, ask to speak with your guide. Ask him anything that goes through your head and let your instinct direct you. A guide, with whom we get on well, can really make the difference between a good or exceptional safari.

Warning! For small groups - less than four (4) people - who think to book on site, it is possible that you have to wait a few days before being paired with a group. Plan your vacation accordingly and leave yourself flexible days to soften the wait.

A fun way to enhance your safari is to hunt for the best shots. Even if it is only to immortalize simple memories, the photographic aspect of your safari is an element to consider.

No matter what your level, you should know that taking pictures of wild animals is one of the hardest things. A little professional equipment will allow you to greatly improve your shots. A good zoom will be your best friend no matter the circumstances. For those who use a reflex, know that below 300mm, you will be limited in your maneuvers.

A compact camera with a good optical zoom (!!!) and not digital,will make a big difference for the most amateur. Remember to borrow either a better camera or a better lens (zoom) from a friend or family before you leave. Or even rent equipment that you have always dreamed of buying. For your safari, the quality of your photo equipment counts for a lot. The big technical problems of order, the subject is too far or I do not have enough zoom, will come back constantly during your safari.

In addition to this more technical element, on the spot, you must avoid living your Tanzania Safari through its lens . Take the time to soak up the places, to share this unique atmosphere with your compatriots and to enjoy the nature around you. Take the photographic aspect as a game and challenge yourself. It is above all a holiday, it should not be forgotten. The number of animals you will cross, nothing is used to stress.

That being said, it is better to plan a little bit of shots before leaving. Browse online photo galleries of great safaris photographers and get inspired by their photos. Then, make a list of topics or situations you would like to have in your collection. You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of your photographic work after the trip.

Vary the shots and change most often position in the jeep . It is very easy to fall into the ease: same angle, same shot, but different animal style shopping list of all our animals seen. Use a varied composition, change your focal length (play with your zoom) and stay tuned for details.

And please, for the planet as much as for your friends at home, make a selection of your photos . The lion that yawns, the sleeping lion, the lion sleeping on the side, the lion walking, the lion sitting, the lion looking to the right, the lion looking to the left ; In short, you understand the principle: it's boring for everyone, even for you. I recommend a five-level selection that is really effective.

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