Save money on food with these super easy tricks!

Posted by StruggleToday on April 15th, 2019

Believe it or not, most people actually believe it is impossible (or dang near close) to eat healthy on a budget. They believe healthier food choices like fresh fruit and vegetables cost a lot of money and instead of saving money on fresh produce, they will choose to spend more money on canned or frozen alternatives. This actually ends up costing them more! 

You can save money on fresh produce by paying attention to what's in season and choosing to buy fruits and vegetables at peak times throughout the year to get them at their lowest prices. 

Another way is to be open to the idea of a wider variety in your diet. Instead of always choosing the same few veggies to place on your dinner plate, you can try new things. Buying them when they are at low-cost prices and not only do you get a wider source of nutrients but you also get to be more creative in the kitchen as well as save money! It's a win-win!

Using produce liquidation stores or Imperfect produce delivery companies can help to cut costs on "ugly fruit and veggies." Stores are very picky about what they want on their shelves, and will turn away produce that isn't up to standards in appearance but that is otherwise perfectly fine. Cut costs by buying from them and you can't even tell that a carrot was funny shaped once its been shredded, chopped or cooked into a dish.

Produce co-op locations are also a fabulous way to save money on fresh and local produce because it uses your local farmers! Farmers contribute produce they want to sell to a co-op ran by volunteers. You pay for a box of mixed variety of local goods and enjoy the savings as well as helping out your local economy. 

Raising and having your own garden is also a great way to save money on produce and you can't get any more local than your own garden in your own backyard! In this instance, you not only control everything from the pesticides to the dirt ph balance, but you can also turn it into a small side hustle by selling some of your extra goods. This can really help your grocery budget!

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