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Posted by Gabriel Fulton on April 16th, 2019

After a while, the body becomes dependent on drinking patterns and requires the action to take place over and over again. When you stop drinking all of a sudden, the body needs some time to establish what is missing and there are some uncomfortable side effects. Some people can get scared by the alcohol withdrawal symptoms and postpone their decision to stop, thinking there is always tomorrow. The truth is that it becomes harder and harder in time and it is best to do it whenever the thought comes through your mind. It might not be easy, but it can be done, especially if you have a support group and the will.

Regardless if you are drinking for a couple of weeks, months or years, it is more than likely to experience alcohol withdrawal symptoms and receiving personal care and support is very helpful. The side effects vary from person to person and in case they are severe, there is medication that relieves pain and discomfort. Thus, once they are reduced, people can focus on the most important aspect, getting better. Some people prefer going through the process on their own, while others want someone close to be around them and comfort them, making things easier. It is up to each person to decide in the end.

As for the alcohol withdrawal timeline, side effects can take place in just a couple of hours after the last drink. The peak is reached after 24-48 hours and the major discomfort includes insomnia, sweating, fever and tremors, blood pressure changes, rapid heartbeat and such. Other types of symptoms that affect people are more serious and include delirium tremens, such as shaking and having hallucinations and confusion, not knowing exactly what reality is and what is in their imagination. Heavy drinkers usually go through such situations and they can be dangerous, which means that professional assistance is recommended. A medical professional can recommend treatments and medication to cope better.

To be more specific regarding the alcohol withdrawal timeline, from 6 to 12 hours after ingestion, drinkers experience anxiety and headaches, nausea and even vomiting, agitation and shaking. Afterwards, from 12 to 24 hours seizures can occur, hand tremors and disorientation. When the 48 hour peak is reached, more severe side effects take place, such as high blood pressure, excessive sweating, insomnia and delirium, hallucination from all points of view, auditory, tactile and visual. These symptoms are influenced by several factors, such as medical history, for how long the person has been drinking, frequency and amount consumed. Of course, when alcohol is combined with drugs, they tend to be more severe.

The good news is that there are several treatment programs that aim at helping people overcome drinking problems, no matter how serious they are. There are facilities that welcome people who plan on changing their lives, but also support groups that provide guidance and who know how hard it is, but also how rewarding and liberating it is to leave drinking behind and have a fresh start.

Besides, people require motivation to stay sober and this is possible when they find others in the same situation and are able to overcome the addiction by sharing experiences. What is important is knowing that you are not alone and you can go through the process if you believe in yourself and in your strength and abilities to make a positive change. Even after rehabilitation, recovery still goes on and you can find support along other people who experienced the symptoms and struggle every day. There are many useful tools to prevent triggers and to keep going with the process, to have a normal and peaceful life.

The road to recovery might be bumpy and painful, but if you know the alcohol withdrawal symptoms ahead of time, you will feel more prepared. They are not the same for every person and here you can find many successful stories and find out exactly the alcohol withdrawal timeline. It is time to have a new start in life!

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