How about sludge filter press?

Posted by lzzgchina on April 16th, 2019

What is filter press for sludge?

The filter press is a batch operation, fixed volume device that uses pressure filtration to separate liquids and solids. The slurry was pumped into a filter press and dehydrated under M.W. Watermark 800mm Filter Presspressure. It is used for water and wastewater treatment in a variety of applications from industrial to municipal.

How does it work?

The slurry is pumped into the filter press. The solids are evenly distributed during the feed (fill) cycle.

The solid begins to form on the filter cloth. Most solid/liquid separation is done through the filter cake on the fabric. Initially, some fine powder may pass through the fabric, but eventually the solid begins to form a layer on the filter cloth, just like the pre-coat. This layer captures fine particles and forms a filter cake.

When the filter press creates pressure, solids accumulate in the chamber until they completely fill the filter cake. When the chamber is full, the fill cycle is complete. The filtrate (liquid) exits the filter assembly (plate) through the corner port into the manifold; when the correct valve in the manifold is open, the filtrate exits the press through a single point, the filtrate outlet.

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