Non-standard customization of dehumidifier, which is exclusive customization of

Posted by greemedehumidifier on April 16th, 2019

Standard dehumidifiers have been widely used in the market, covering all walks of life in need of moisture-proof and dehumidification. What should we do when we encounter some places with complex use and numerous requirements? After all, the standard can not meet the needs of the use scenario. At this time, non-standardcustomized dehumidifiers appeared. Non-standard dehumidifiers are not unqualified products, but produced because of the different conditions and requirements of the use place, which can be understood as customized dehumidifiers.

Non-standard customized dehumidifiers are mostly used in situations with more conditions. In this case, the general standard dehumidifiers can not meet the requirements and can not achieve the dehumidification effect. Therefore, non-standard customized dehumidifiers are generally chosen. If other goods do not meet the standard, it is impossible to sell, but the non-standard dehumidifier does not fail to meet the standard, but extends the product in order to meet the user's use in the national standard.

Like high temperature and corrosion resistant dehumidifier, it can be said that it is a non-standard customized dehumidifier, because the compressor will protect itself when the temperature of the general dehumidifier is higher than 38 degrees, so the dehumidification efficiency becomes lower. In this case, only high temperature resistant dehumidifier can be used to dehumidify. There are also some chemical products factory buildings, some products need dry production and storage environment, but the general dehumidifier corrosion resistance is not high, the machine will be damaged soon, this situation corrosion-resistant dehumidifier is very important.

There are other situations, such as the need to control temperature and humidity on the need for constant temperature and humidity machine, so that non-standard customized dehumidifier is mainly used in special circumstances according to the conditions of the exclusive customized dehumidifier. Its main functions are also customized according to relative humidity, ambient temperature and area space. Of course, the price of this machine, which is mainly produced to meet the demand, will fluctuate with the different conditions.


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