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Posted by JessicaRhodes on April 16th, 2019

16 April 2019 - Rubber Mulch VA provides amazing opportunities for those who are ready for decorating their outdoor with something exclusive and brand new. Mulch is a great tool for protecting garden crops from weeds and drought. It is used by more and more gardeners and gardeners in their own farms. This is a universal remedy for any soil, but there are nuances

We will tell you our experience of using mulch and explain when and why to use it. First, after planting the seedlings or seeds, do not rush to mulch the soil, because it may not have warmed enough, and under the mulch it will be cool enough and the plants will develop much worse. Secondly, when plants are planted, the weather is quite changeable. Therefore, it is possible to attract a huge number of slugs and snails, which will bring so much damage that it will be akin to hail the size of a quail egg and walking for half an hour. Yes, it is so, they will eat up all your landings. Be careful and think thrice. For the same reason, do not mulch paths. Thirdly, do not use mulch that you have never tried, even if you read about it somewhere. Scatter it on one bed as an experiment, see how it works, and next year you can safely use it. This especially applies to little-known species, such as nutshells, chips, sawdust of different varieties, etc. It is clear that good quality grass and straw will do the job. Fourth, put a layer of mulch so that rain can water the plants.

There were several experiments when we applied a huge layer of mulch, especially so that the rain did not penetrate to the plant and it was fed by the sub-soil moisture and coolness. It was absolutely no watering. This was done with moisture-loving plants. In this case, the culture developed poorly, and with a sufficiently long absence of rains, the earth still dried up.

About Rubber Mulch VA:

Rubber Mulch VA is a recycled rubber mulch company north Virginia, serving clients all over the state and providing great service for a totally cheap price. If you are wondering to find out more about the offerings provided by Rubber Mulch VA, then you are more than welcome on the Rubber Mulch VA official website to explore the field and get a free cost advice or estimaton.


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