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Posted by Lady cutler on April 17th, 2019

There would be very few people on this earth who could claim to not be fond of music. Every place on earth boasts of its own unique style and form of music. With the help of globalization and Internet, today anybody can have access to music from any part of the world.

The origins of music have been deep rooted in day-to-day life, culture, religion and traditions of a society. Take for example, Blues music, Latin music or Reggae music. Let’s have a look at how these music forms came about and the impact that they had on people.

Origin and history of Blues Music:

The origins of Blue music can be traced far back around 1870’s when slavery came to an end in the southern plantations in the United States of America. It originated as an amalgamation of African folk music and music of the White Americans coming from European lineage.

This form of music is characterized by slow music, which depending on the song can make you feel extremely happy or intensely sad. This is one of the few forms of music, which covers such a wide range of emotions. With lines repeated four times originally over the instrument bars, today one can find the modified form of blues music all around.

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Origins and history of Latin Music:

Latin American music refers to music that has originated in the South American continent. This form of music has very strong influence of Europeans as well as African slaves who were brought in by Europeans.

All of Latin American music is sung in Spanish. It encompasses a wide variety of music styles such as rock, ballad, tango, salsa, bachata, pop, jazz etc.

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Origin and history of Reggae Music:

Reggae music finds its origin in Jamaica in late 1960’s. Therefore this is a relatively new form of music when one would compare to it Blues or Latin music.

When one thinks of Reggae music, the first name that comes to mind is Bob Marley.

Reggae to begin with started as expression of dissent of the enslaved population. On the face of it, it sounds like normal songs that one might hear today.

But if you listen to the lyrics carefully, one will realize that it talks about valuable things like human values, ethos and ethics and its meanings are very deep rooted as opposed to the superficial stuff we hear today in the name of music.

For the Reggae fans, there are plenty of options where one can lose themselves     completely to the music. For instance, in Melbourne, other than nightclubs, one can opt for special cruises where they play only Reggae Music Melbourne, to appease to your mind and senses.

So if music is what your heart runs after, then there are plenty of amazing options for anyone staying or holidaying in Melbourne.

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