How to Find the best coffee caterer for your events

Posted by Susan California on April 17th, 2019


Having the best caterer team is one of the crucial factors for your event success. Having the wrong team can lead to an unhappy guest's experience. There are things that you can do to make your event successful and let your guests leave with a great experience.

See online Review

Reading online review is the best and easiest way to find out whether a catering service is good or not. If they have a good rating, it's something that you can take into consideration before hiring them.

Ask for a recommendation from  other event organizers

If someone you know has been holding events, It could be very useful to get in touch with them and a recommendation for a good catering service.

Use interview

Interviewing different catering services will be a great way to get to know them and find out how they would deal with the guest at your service or if they are friendly or not. Ask them scenario based questions involving customers and different problem and see how they answer them as it is the best way to find out how they would work at the real events as well. If the answer seems right, you can decide to hire them as they will treat your customers nicely and deal with any problems that may arise. If what they answer is not appropriate for the scenario, then you can be sure not to proceed with the hiring as they would act most likely in the same way as they said they would in the scenario.

Taste the coffee

Invite them to prepare some coffee for you. This will help you find out how good coffee they make. No matter how good other services are, if the coffee is not good, your guest won't be impressed as it's a coffee event. Pretesting the coffee for events is one thing you should definitely do before making any hiring decision.

See if the caterers are experienced

Look for experienced caterers as experience can win you a war, Therefore, winning the mind of the guest won't be that hard!


Check if they are properly equipped

If they all the modern equipment, then with a good team, the service provider may not be that great. So, checking if they have good equipment is a must for you to ensure that you get the best service possible.

So, To make your event a great success, you need to hire the best caterer's team as well as other necessary preparation. Perhaps, you have organized events before but it was not a great success, then you may try the steps above and you will see the difference that they make.

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