5 Reasons Why Breast Thermography Is Preferable Over Mammography

Posted by flowwell on April 18th, 2019

Nowadays, a lot of  American women are suffering from breast cancer. Medical procedures and techniques can be used to prevent such instances.  Therefore, making lifestyle changes like getting regular screening has become the need of the hour. A Breast screening procedure like infrared thermography can be done in various breast thermography centers in Jacksonville, FL. Due to the difference in the way in which thermography and mammography are performed, the former is preferable over the latter.

Here are a few reasons why thermography is preferable over mammography

1) Non-contact procedure- This is a commonly known fact that mammography requires the compression of breasts which can be uncomfortable for women. Infrared thermography, on the contrary, involves taking an accurate image of the heat radiating from the body and thus does not involve any physical or mechanical contact with your breasts. You can opt for this method and have the entire screening process done in a seamless manner.

2) Detection of vascular changes- Infrared thermography has an edge over mammography as it can effectively detect vascular changes in breast tissues ahead of many years. This means that in case there are any abnormalities in your breast tissues which might predispose you to develop breast cancer can be detected early.

Subsequently, the treatment can be started which will increase the chances of speedy recovery and effective treatment.

3) Suitable for all women- One of the most common issues in mammography is the fact that the detection becomes difficult when the breast tissues are dense. Thermography, on the other hand, can detect the abnormal changes even in dense breast issues or situations where women have undergone breast implants. This gives an accurate presentation of the heat patterns in the body and reduces the chances of encountering breast cancer.

You can seek the Infrared thermography services in Sarasota, FL to when you have to get a screening done.

4) Free from hormonal changes- In all probability, there are chances that a woman is having some hormonal changes during the time when the screening is to be conducted. Thermography testing procedures are not affected by the hormonal changes which are going on in the body. This ensures that the results of the procedures are not affected by any external factors. If you wish to have accurate results without any pain and discomfort, then thermography screening is a preferable option.

5) Exposure to radiation- Mammography as a procedure requires that the body is exposed to repeated radiation which can cause problems. Infrared thermography does not expose the body to radiation and is a non-invasive procedure. It can easily be performed and is safe to conduct even for pregnant and nursing women.

In case you wish to know about the cost of breast thermography in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, you can browse the websites of clinical centers.

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