Outstanding Benefits of APFC Panels for Industries

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Many industries make effective power utilization for substantial operations and utilities. APFC Panels are the ultimate appliances that help diversified industries to maintain the power-factor and achieve quality power as well. Nowadays, different kinds of APFC panels are used by the industries. Without the adequate use of the panels, they have to face many financial and operational losses. Now, let’s understand the outstanding benefits of APFC panels for industries.

What are the APFC Panels?

APFC panels - Automatic Power Factor Control Panels. By the name itself, you can know that they automatically manage and correct the power factor. Power factor is one of the many important characteristics for industries especially. It is the measure of the apt power used for doing required work. Increased power factor should be maintained so as to allow significant industrial activities.

APFC panels have reliable capacitor banks, microprocessor-based controllers, harmonic filters, and other components. Wholly, they increase the power-factor and regulate the equipment to fully utilize the power supplied. They are automatically managed and no manual control mechanism is required. The automatic switch on or off enables effective control systems.

With the latest technology of automation, therefore, many industries have been preferring APFC panels.

Benefits of the APFC Panels

APFC panels are highly beneficial. They are not just used for one single purpose. They favor many other attractive conveniences for industries. Let’s know some of them.

  •   Consistent Higher Power Factor


A varying load fluctuation is always evident in industries. So, it is necessary for the firms to check that the power factor does not fall down. The higher power factor should be maintained consistently. APFC panels are very much beneficial here – they ensure that the power factor does not reduce all of a sudden. The automatic control means help the panels to estimate the load variations and manage the power measure accordingly.

  •   Elimination of Power Factor Penalty


Decreased power factor means – the equipment is not able to appropriately use the current or energy for its work. Consequently, the electricity board imposes the power factor penalty on such industries. This can incur great financial losses to them.

APFC panels always manage power factor correction. They never let the industries remain with decreased power factor. Therefore, APFC panels eliminate the power factor penalty issues. The industries can carry on their operations effectively without any such worries.

  •   Reduced Energy Consumption Losses

Power supplied to the industries will be correctly used by the equipment. If not, the energy will be wasted. As discussed above, if the load differences are evident, the energy used for the work may not be up to the level with varying or reducing power factor. Now, as you got to know about APFCs, they help in reducing the operational losses related to power consumption.

A substantial amount of work can be done by the equipment with suitable machinery of the industries.

  •   Automatic Function of Capacitors

APFC panels have capacitors which function automatically. With the load variations, they do the necessary changes accordingly automatically. So, you need not manually interfere to control the equipment. With this automatic function, they avoid errors, disturbances, and power interruptions.

  •   Better User-interface


An elegant user-interface is featured with the control panels. So, it enables everyone to easily understand the concerned elements. Anyone can initially set up the device simply without any confusions. Systematic controls for power factor are designed in the user interface – they manipulate many power maintenance measures effectively.

Because of their user-friendly nature, the industrial workers dealing with assorted machinery will not feel tensed or annoyed to use these control panels.

  •   Aesthetic Designs and Models

APFC panels are preferably used by many industries because they are available in diversified aesthetic designs and models. Certain companies like Servomax Limited serve APFC panels as per the customers’ demands. The size, elegance, and model of the panel will be designed as per the required use.

APFC panels are even available at affordable prices – they are feasibly used by a wide range of industries.

  •   Diversified Capacity Handling

APFC panels are manufactured and designed in different ways – they enable diversified capacity handling. Based on the industrial load capacities and required power factor correction, the APFC panels of certain capacity can be chosen easily. So, appropriate estimation has to be made when purchasing a suitable APFC panel for your firm. Servomax Limited offers APFC panels up to 3000 KVAR. `

In addition to the above benefits, APFC panels also protect the equipment even with any internal faults. They can continuously sense and manage the load. They prevent the leading power factor.

Now that you have got manifold impressive benefits of APFC panels, select the right supplier like Servomax Limited and get the customized models as required.

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