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Posted by huma mustqeem on April 18th, 2019

Just like there are a variety of different kilts out there, there are many different shirts. Among each kilt shirt with their textures and styles, there are certain Kilt shirts that are appropriate for different kinds of kilt dress. Depending on the look you're hoping to achieve when you go out, there are a few top styles that you can choose from to suit any kilt.

A Ghillie shirt is most commonly worn by those who want something more traditional. The shirt is somewhat formal as to not make you look inappropriately casual while still being dressy enough to make you look your best. The Ghillie shirt is characterized by lacing around the neck, and for being very lightweight and comfortable, helping to keep you feeling your best during warmer summer days. The shirts are also known as Jacobite shirts and are well loved among kilt wearers.When you want something more casual, you can wear sweaters or shirts that are plain without graphics that match up with the color of the kilt. If you aren't going somewhere formal, it is still important to respect the kilt and to look stylish and put together, and so these neutral tops and colors are recommended. Avoiding busy patterns is a must as well. Simple, plain collarless shirt are also accessible when you want to wear something out on the street and keep it as casual and informal as possible.

Sporrans and Belts

One of the most iconic parts of a kilt outfit is the sporran. The sporran is typically the last thing that is put on after the rest of the kilt dress has been applied, because it just links around the waist. It is usually connected by a chain or a sporran belt, and it loops through the hooks on the kilt. Sporrans are available in a huge variety of styles to choose from, meaning that it's easy for you to find the right sporran to work with any kilt.

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