Which Emirates Lounge In Dubai Should You Visit?

Posted by Spencer Travel on April 19th, 2019

Airport lounges can add so much to a journey, particularly when you’re travelling long-haul.

Being able to duck in for a comfortable break en-route, maybe have a shower and a freshen up, and champagne—always champagne—before pushing on, can make all the difference.

Emirates Business Class Lounge, Dubai International Airport.

Some lounges are super practical with all the essentials. In you pop, make the most of the available facilities, before pushing on. Others are havens of style and cool, the kind of places you’d like to linger longer in, perhaps never push on at all.

And the bigger the airport and airline, the more lounges you’ll find awaiting you. If you have the right boarding pass, frequent flyer status and level of access, of course. Case in point: Dubai.

Dubai International Airport is an absolute whopper—one of the largest on the planet. It has, wait for it, seven Emirates lounges. That’s seven lounges for a single airline.

Health Hub in the Business Class Lounge, Dubai.

As you might expect, Managing Director of the Spencer Travel, Penny Spencer, has spent time in some of Emirates’ lounges in Dubai. And she’s a fan.

“What I loved the most was having my nails done in the spa while waiting for my flight, plus the variety of the food—literally anything from breakfast right through to fresh scones and cream”, recalls Penny.

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