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Tiny silicone baby

Here is a girl. She is very beautiful. She is sleeping. You can touch her face or kiss her. She is your baby. Please take care of her.

Psychologists have questioned the use of “reborn babies” to soothe mothers’ pain. Ingrid Collins, a psychologist, said: “if people are overflowing with love and nowhere else to put it, why not consider giving more care to the living.”

However, the director of the department of psychiatry at the third affiliated hospital of guangzhou medical college believes that the function of “reborn baby” is equivalent to medicine, but whether it can play a positive role depends on the user’s psychological state. “If the owner has faced up to the fact that they have lost their child, and they just want something to put their hopes on, it doesn’t hurt to have one; But without emotional control, this emotional injection may lead to more serious psychological problems, such as distortion of human nature, excessive attachment, and even rape and abuse.


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