Soundproofing A Room On A Budget

Posted by KalvinKlein on April 19th, 2019

A soundproofed studio is not a mandatory when it comes to recording, but it does help you preserve the most authentic sounds of your musical instruments. If your room is not soundproofed unwanted sound and echo can distort your voice and recording instruments.

You probably do not want to record unwanted sounds, such as an echo of your musical instruments or noises from the windows / holes in the door. Therefore, you need to isolate the sound of the windows with curtains, doors with panoramic doors and walls with acoustic panels

Although the soundproofing is good, this is not always feasible. A simple Auralex kit, a soundproofing material, can cost about $ 500. But did you know that there are other cheaper ways and materials to dampen the sound of your recording room?

Anyone who has ever done the soundproofing will tell you that doors and windows are the main cause of noise problems.

The reason?

The noise can easily go through the cracks in your door and into your home. One of the easiest ways to prevent noise from entering or leaving your room is to use a door sweep. You can buy it cheaply, preventing the sound from getting in or out of the door.

To avoid windows, lights, or doors, you can use a cheap acoustic sealant to avoid the noise problem. You can also use strong sound curtains in your windows to prevent sound from escaping.

In addition, the floor is a culprit and a contribution to the good journey. A concrete or parquet floor creates the echo and the sound of the journey. The upholstery of your floor considerably reduces the noise that falls into your room.

However, it is possible to reduce the noise problem.

There are several ways to make the walls of your room soundproof. One of the cheapest and simplest methods is hanging tapestries or moving covers on the walls or using wallpapers.

If you have the aesthetic appearance of the room, you can hang it up. Therefore, you can use unused mattresses and put them against the walls to choke the sound. It works like an amulet, but it's probably an ugly alternative.

You can also use egg cartons. They are a cheaper option, but they do not cover the time. However, using only a handful will give you good results. You can also use sleeping earmuffs

In short, the soundproofing in your room does not have to be an expensive project. The combination of the tips above will greatly reduce the quality of your recordings.

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