The Advantages of Using an LED Profile

Posted by MSD LIGHTING CO.,LIMITED on April 20th, 2019

Offer your strip light installation a professionally fitted and permanent appearance by going for an LED profile. Try mounting LED strip lights in an aluminum LED profile and see how easily you get a finished and clean appearance. LED linear extrusions come in different shapes that can easily be cut into different sizes.  These can effectively be used for completing the look of spaces with diffusers and end caps. They are perfectly suited for almost all applications including interior lighting, kitchen lighting, commercial lighting, architectural lighting and retail display lighting designs. LED profiles do not just have the ability of making the strips lights appear better but they also help in enabling the lights to perform in a better way. LED profiles work in the form of effective heat-sinks that dissipate the heat generated by the lights. Hence, they help in prolonging the life of LED strip lights.

LED Profiles and Their Different Varieties

There are different varieties of LED profiles available in the market. You need to make your choice based on the type of LED tape you possess. Suitable to be used for all applications, LED aluminum profile comes with proper length and width. Aluminum LED profiles are made using aluminum that they are specifically designed for housing and protecting LED strip lights. These can be installed in a number of ways and they often require diffusers for even light distribution. Diffusers are also required for avoiding any kind of unnecessary spotted lighting effect that can be the end result of using an LED tape. There are other varieties that are made using completely anodized and corrosion-proof aluminum. These are perfect to be used in the exteriors.

Important Features to Consider When Choosing Aluminum Profiles

LED aluminum channels tend to vary in profile shape and in the way they are installed. Therefore, it is necessary for you to consider some important features when making the choice of aluminum profiles. The factors are as follows:

  • Depth: Consider the depth that you require. For installation in limited spaces slim line profiles would be the best. However, the one that use thick LED tapes, deeper channels might be needed for housing LED strip glows.
  • Shape: Make sure to take note of maximum tape width of each profile for ensuring that it is perfectly compatible with the LED tape that you are using.
  • Installation: Consider your installation requirements. Do you want your LED lights to be suspended, recessed or surface mounted?

What are the Products that Aluminum LED Profiles are Compatible With?

Aluminum LED profiles are compatible with almost any kind of tape that is deep and wide enough. This is mainly because of its slim-line installation parts and highly impressive LEDs per meter. They can easily be installed into the shallowest channels and that too without any spotting effects. In this context, it is important to note that there is one more variety available and that is LED strip profile. The strip LED profiles have the ability of easily and quickly mounting the LED strips being used by individuals.


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