Garden Tools Simple Care Tips

Posted by WeedWarriors on April 20th, 2019

Clean and well maintained garden tools will perform better! If you follow the subsequent tips for routine maintenance of your garden tools, you can do a proper care of them in an easy way.

Taking care of your garden tools is very important to ensure their long life span. It is often recommended that they have taken care in a routine for cleaning and maintaining carefully.

What You Can Do To Take Care Of Your Tools

First Tip: After every use, if nothing else is possible for you, must clean your tools properly! If you do this in a routine, you can keep diseases, fungi, mud and insects away as they can be a cause of rusting, moister and many other problems, which can tear down the surfaces of tools.For tools with sharp blades and edges, a good cleaning is more important because rusting can destroy the edges more easily.

Second Tip: Hoe, trowel, spade and many other tools are used directly within soil and many times require scrubbingto remove hard soil and mud bristles fixed on its body. You can also use a high pressure washer or the garden hose with adjusted nozzle for maximum pressure for washing all tools easily. 

Third Tip: To give extra care, dry all tools well before keeping them in the store! After brushing and washing all tools, clean them properly with a dry duster or cotton cloth so that no water would remain on them that may cause rusting in the future.

Fourth Tip: If you feel that the wooden surfaces of your tools are rough when they become dry, you can use sandpaper for making them smooth and nice to handle.

Fifth Tip: For a better performance, sharpening of tools is very important. You can use a number of tools to sharpen garden tools.

Sixth Tip: Apply oil on the tools' body and wooden parts! If the climate is drier in your area, you need to apply more oil. Oiling prevents tools cracking and drying out.

Seventh Tip: At last, the most important thing, keep all your tools inside and hang them up on the wall. As you know moisture can destroy them, so please avoid to keep them against the wall and touching the floor because they can be a support system for moisture.

Safety Tip

Before starting the maintenance of your tool, please wear gloves and eye protection glasses for defense from the smallest pieces of metals as they can harm your eyes and body skin. Additionally, sharpening of tools could be a risky task, so just make all the arrangement to ensure safety before you start sharpening task.

Alternative Options

You can choose stainless steel tools as an alternative to the iron tools. They are corrosion protective, lightweight and handy to move from one place to another. They can give a sturdy service with less maintained for more time period.


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