Fashion Industry Witnesses Remarkable Growth With Mobile App Development

Posted by Smith johnson on April 20th, 2019

Technology has made an astonishing advancement over the past 15 years which can be unbeaten by any other inventions. The future of technology to some is bewildering to the majority audience, technology has played a part of the magic. And the quote rightly says that any sufficiently advanced technology is identical to magic. Technology has undoubtedly played a significant part in many growing industries. The world is becoming digital day by day with application taking the command over everything. There is not a single industry that has remained untouched from the clutches of mobile application development.

The fashion industry is one such industry that got impacted by technology advancement and growing use of mobile applications. The world of fashion is gigantic and the trend in such industry changes at a rapid pace. What is in trend and in demand will not be the same after few days or months. Initially, the audience had a habit of choosing their attires, their accessories and their wearable from the shops. With the rising and greater use of smartphones, shopping anything starting from head to toe is available online or from mobile applications. It all started from shopping for clothes online to the entry of accessories, footwear, cosmetics and so on. You get a large number of manufacturers, retailers, and designers targeting a big audience and selling their best all under a single roof. The products of your choice are delivered at your doorstep.

With the use of mobile applications, designers and manufactures by default had to shift to a technology-driven business because:

It builds loyalty and engagement in customers

It is seen that customers using an app of the brand or company will rarely go through the website of that firm because the app becomes easier and time-saving than websites. Therefore, once a prospect downloads the application, he/she would always prefer the same site regardless of its competitors. Secondly, the application keeps a record of past searches of the prospect and will keep reminding the prospect about his/her searches with different discounts or offers if applicable.

Virtual tryout of attire

One of the important problem faced by the customers while using the applications for buying garments was the size fitting of it. While ordering things online, the customer does not have an idea of the garment being of flexible material or stiff. Therefore, that problem also got solved by the advancement of technology using Augmented Reality in the applications. Applications scan the body, identify the measurements of the users and help them virtually try out the garment to get an idea that does it suit him/her or not. This will increase the satisfaction level and in turn, would increase the revenue.

Applications are necessary for designers and owners

Any industry be it a niche market or not, has a large number of competitors and therefore the admins should be updated with the market trends and technology. In the fashion industry also if the designers and owners would not have their own application, he/she would not be able to showcase their fashionable creations globally. Keeping a virtual store online is beneficial because living in a small town or not doesn't make any difference because the virtual world is the biggest.

Helps the customers to improve their wardrobe

Customers having their clothes and accessories may not always be updated to the trend. Many of them do not have such good and classy fashion sense that they can update their wardrobe according to the trends in the market. Mobile application helps such people getting updated designs and the ongoing trends that are showcased by the top designers and models. Fashion dedicated apps are such apps that give a refreshing look and adds versatility to the wardrobe.

Applications are a helping hand to the website

One of the key benefits of applications being used along with the website is, it helps in organizing the needs of the website. Any customer who is in need of a product that is out of stock, application records such data and sends a message to the stock and inventory department. mobile app development company looks after such problems and create the mobile application in such a manner that it is friendly with the users first.  

The above points prove that mobile app development has totally changed the face of the fashion industry. This gives a positive look to the industry as every year the industry witnessed a growth of around 2%-3% which is remarkable.

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