Video Monitoring Network -- the Prototype of the Internet of Things

Posted by Steven Lu on April 21st, 2019

As a branch of the security industry, video monitoring network has not been underestimated.In today's technology, it used to involve integration into systems, interconnection, etc. However, in recent years, with the continuous development of China's security monitoring industry, many buildings and markets need monitoring equipment, so the demand for Internet monitoring network is growing. 


When monitoring companies connect the Internet of things with monitoring, the camera becomes the collection point of information, and the coding device becomes the transformation point of information digitization. And they combine to complete the first step of "Internet of things". Following is the comprehensive IT monitoring and Internet monitoring, that is, after the IP architecture, technology and system. If the Internet of things is the trend, then the coalesce of IT and security industry is inevitable. Networking is inevitable for monitoring. 

The Internet architecture has realized the free transfer and free exchange of information on a global scale. The Internet principle is that the value of information is proportional to the scope of information transmission. In addition to, the Internet of things will further expand the scope of application of this principle, and the value of information will be more reflected. 

On the other hand, monitoring network is our unremitting pursuit of image transmission across space and control signal transmission. For example, the network monitoring of safety cities integrates the scattered monitoring resources in various regions and buildings into the integrative monitoring resources in the metropolitan area, and then integrates the resources in the metropolitan area into a wide area. Under the premise of the Internet of things, the value of information transmission and concentration is not only to obtain information across the space distance, but also to expand a variety of intelligent analysis applications on this basis, which is the biggest benefit of monitoring the Internet. We can process and apply vast amounts of information. It can be predicted that, with the expansion of the application scope of the Internet of things, in the next few years,  video monitoring business in all walks of life will move forward along this idea.

I believe that in the next few years, when people talk about the Internet of things, an internet-connected refrigerator tells everyone a piece of RFID tagged steak in the drawer of the event is not new. Video monitoring network will stride forward as a pioneer of the Internet of things in the security industry.

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