How the Disabled Students Continue Study With The Help Of Online Courses

Posted by Auscare Group on April 22nd, 2019

For the disabled students, it has been always a challenge to continue their study in the traditional way. Most of the time, parents prefer home schooling as per the condition of the students. However, this method is confined to a certain limit of the level of education. However, the Disability Support Services in Perth help the students to continue their higher studies without any hassle, but still, there are challenges.

In this age of digitalization, the online courses are the boons to those students whose natural abilities are curbed due to certain physical limitation. There are parts of the education system which are designed to meet the expectation of the disabled students. As per the survey of the Disability Support Services in Perth, there are students with vision-impaired, hearing-impaired or cognitive disability who need these courses to accomplish their academic qualification.

Software To Support: All the course elements are specially developed to help the students with disabilities especially the vision-impaired. The materials are compatible with Job Access with Speech by which the computer can read the web page aloud so that the visually impaired students can access the information. It also helps to make the pages scannable and searchable for any people. It has become mandatory by the Disability Support Services in Perth to make this accessibility mandatory for the online courses.

Multiple Formats Of Materials: The course should be accessible to all the students irrespective of the nature of their disability. While many of them like to hear the content, some of them want explanation through video. Many students prefer reading the content. That’s why, while designing the course, they need to keep in mind the following features like screen reader, low bandwidth, printable format, etc.

Best Available Method: The institutes that offer courses for the disabled students must go through extensive research and come out with the best available method of teaching suitable for them. The STEM courses (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) have its own challenges in the parameter of accessibilities. With the advent of the technologies, new things are coming up to provide the students with an alternative way of learning. With the help of Disability Support Services in Perth, the institutes introduce those methods in their regular curriculum.

Special Accommodation: Although, the online courses are meant for distance education, it is the time of exam when they should appear physically. For those days, there should be special arrangements for the students so that they will not feel any trouble during that short period.

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