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Posted by AG Ganguly on April 22nd, 2019

The term ‘small business’ often mixes up with the images of accomplished multi-taskers and superiors whose overall philosophy regarding the business can be summed up as: “We’re already doing well, and everything is under our control; why we’ll hire a Business Consultant?”

But, this is not the actual case! No matter if small or large-scale; every business needs skills and expertise that are essential to not only fix the existing problems but also to drive maximum potential opportunities while heading off possible competitions in the same field.

Hiring someone with excellent business consulting skills and business management knowledge can bring in numerous advantages to your business. Someone who knows business tricks and tips inside-out and can guide you more about your business’ growth and prosperity will be highly beneficial for you.

AG Ganguly –Most Experienced & Skilled Business Advisor To Get Help From

If you’re looking for a skilled and experienced business advisor who has already coached several other entrepreneurs to succeed in the market; then AG Ganguly is the right person to drop a line! The forefather of Potrero Capital and ABC Associates, AG Ganguly is one of the world’s most reputed and recognized business advisors and consultants of the current time.

With 20+ years of practical market experience in different commercial fields; Mr. Ganguly has already helped hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs to get a strong foothold in the modern competitive arena. Mr. Ganguly has more than two decades of practical and extensive experience working with both small and high growth companies and brands in different spheres and different categories.

According to him, a resilient and unswerving foundation in business management and operations can help companies to grow at an unstoppable pace, and this is precisely what he always tries to provide! From financial planning to the decision-making processes, from investment guidance to marketing and business collaborations; he has experience in a number of different business sectors.

What Mr. Ganguly Offers As A Business Advisor?

As a leading Business Consultant; Mr. Ganguly has various qualities that demonstrate his expertise in the field of business counsellor and advice-giver.

  • He has a vast idea about practical Business management Products & Guidelines and is a true professional in Customer Relationship Building.
  • He understands the Economic fluctuations specific to different industries and accordingly offers services.
  • He always adopts top-leading and growth-oriented practices for every small and large-scale company.
  • He is a true professional for business planning, incentive plans, business plan, and growth-based marketing scheme development, and sales & marketing scheme implementation.
  • He is capable of moulding numerous business scenarios for developing the best business models to determine the most excellent course of action for any company.
  • He primarily focuses on business supervision and strategic management consulting for IT, Healthcare, and Bio-IT firms.
  • AG Ganguly’s excellence domain engulfs market research, development of the business framework, solution making, and financial guidance.
  • He is a specialist in building a niche in the industry by dint of leading strategic business management solutions.

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