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Posted by ghulbism on April 22nd, 2019

Keto Buzz ways that the ketogenic diet would increase my energy overall mood how I felt in the mornings and from an early early age I've been taking arias Claridon doesn't work for me arias is the one allergy medication that I take that just does wonders I'm spitting everywhere and I was just so surprised by that result so surprised and so happy so that's number one seasonal allergies gone with the ketogenic diet gone number two this isn't really a cure and this was pretty much an obvious thing because my my calorie intake I don't think was as high when I when you go off carbs as you can see by the vlogs if you I'm gonna you know put a link up here where you can see every single vlog I did for the 30 days and you can see how I'm pissed off at the beginning going through keto flu there's times of depression times of more anxiety times where I'm just like this diets stupid and then other times where after the keto flu I get used to things get used to the habit you know eating differently getting used to cooking differently buying the right vegetables buying meats finding them on sale you get used to the whole thing after just a few weeks but the one thing was my calories were definitely lower at the beginning I had to eat non-stop I and I was telling Michaela who introduced me to this diet and told me to try it she was like yeah you're gonna like be hungry a lot of the time at the beginning your body's just not used to it my body was craving carbs and I'm just like use the fat for energy you idiot my body wasn't listening for a while so what it did is uh for all you ladies or gay men I'm gonna show you my stomach now it's nothing serious okay but I had a beer belly before the ketogenic diet not a beer belly but I had a kangaroo pouch I was growing a Joey in there and from the reduced calories but also you talk to anyone you reduce carbs your stomach gets flat man it gets flat so that was what I saw even around week one flatter stomach and no bloating after eating huge improvement huge improvement so I just want to show you like that's pretty cool right and I'll do a little flex like guys I haven't done a sit-up in a month a because that accident bruised my ribs right I don't know if you can see that that's my hip but that was all bruised my ribs are still bruised here so I've been able to work out but look at that man that's crazy now if I push out that's the push out that's the push out but you're never actually going cool like when you're walking around right so that's pretty cool what do you think I do a little twist you know it's all lighting at the end of the day and I'll have to make this a thumbnail so I get a click or two but um guys like in all seriousness not to flaunt or beep be cocky about how my body looks you know I don't do that type of thing but I wanted to show you and you asked for it again I should have done it before thinking if I have any pictures of a before I probably do but I did lose 10 pounds on the keto diet and the 10 pounds were on it was honestly in that stomach area that's where you know women get it in the hips and men get it right in the bellies right in the lower abdomen so that was pretty cool what do you think that's pretty cool so we're at no allergies that's number one awesome number two belly fat gonzo number three headaches headaches now here's the tough thing here's the tough thing I got a pillow about a week and a half into the ketogenic diet a new pillow a Casper pillow but I was sleeping at my parents place I was sleeping at friends places so I had different pillows throughout the month and I was still getting no headaches in the morning in the afternoon night never never and let me tell you I would get headaches often in the morning ketogenic diet no headaches no headaches can you believe that now I want with these three three cures I'm not I'm not advertising any diet like I'm never one to be like carbs are bad like to eliminate this or go vegan or go carnivore do this and that I'm just sharing my own experiences here and with these three improvements that's pretty awesome that is pretty cool just after 30 days of eating differently I don't know what the long-term effects of keto are well I'll talk to I'll talk to you about the foods I'm reintroducing but that's so cool that is so cool cuz usually I'll have a headache in the morning
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