Want to master public speaking? Learn these 6 principles

Posted by jaques montegolifier on April 22nd, 2019

When you watch and hear politicians, celebrities, news anchors, or business leaders speak on television or a stage, we wonder, ‘are they just great leaders or were they born that way?’ Some are gifted speakers while others have trained themselves to be so. Either they have taken a special public speaking course, or they have mastered the art by delivering presentations over time.

So, what is the secret behind effective public speaking? Politicians, celebrities, business leaders, and even a motivational speaker follow these principles:

1)      Perception: People want to listen to someone comfortable, relaxed, and entertaining. In our day to day conversations, we are ourselves. However, the moment we stand up to deliver a speech, we focus on the public at the expense of speaking. The first step towards becoming a pro at speaking is to focus on it and make the public secondary. Think about it as a conversation between the audience and you. Be yourself, talk directly and honestly with the audience. Connect with them.

2)      Perfection: Even a top-class motivational speaker makes errors at some point. Despite the mistake, keep going, unless the mistake was utterly shattering. Yet, never apologize for the slip-up. Being too perfect also does not leave the right impression on the audience. The listener usually does not know if you have misspelt a word, pronounced a wrong name, or skipped a page. They will relate to someone much more who is real.

3)      Visualization: All the greatest people in the world practice visualization to achieve their goals. Salespeople look to close the deal; executives picture developing new ventures, athletes think of crossing the finishing line or breaking the record. The same goes for public speaking. Anxiety tends to get the better of public speakers. The best way to fight it out is to practice it in a place where no one can see you. The more you practice, the more you will prepare your mind for public speaking. It conquers the anxiety feelings.

4)      Discipline: Your goal is to become an active public speaker. The only way you can reach that stage is by practicing and improving those skills. We take communication for granted often. So, practice is essential. Even athletes practice every day. Try taking up a class where you can give speeches now and then.

5)      Description: Whatever the topic be, try to personalize your message. It is the perfect way to give a personal touch to your speech. Try to add facts, add some personal experiences like the triumphs, tragedies, and humorous anecdotes. Stories give credibility. Whenever possible add a personal interest element to your speech. It makes the listeners warm-up and breaks the ice with them.

6)      Inspiration: While delivering a speech take the focus off yourself and shift it to the listeners. The objective of public speaking is not to benefit the speaker but the audience. So, when you prepare for your speech, think about the purpose, i.e. how can you help the audience achieve their goals?

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