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Posted by kamal on April 23rd, 2019

Scalp Micropigmentation is the latest innovative technology. Special pigment simulates your own hair follicles. Scalping pigmentation is not really painful and immediately gives a beautiful and natural appearance.

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is an effective treatment for men and women suffering from hair loss. Either as an on-the-spot treatment or in combination with a surgical hair restoration or in combination with hair loss medications. SMP simulates the appearance of a shaved head with her. It can also be used for scarring camouflage and can be used in many hair loss diseases to enhance the appearance and self-confidence of the individual. This non-invasive treatment immediately results, requires little maintenance and provides completely natural looking results.

Top Scalp Micropigmentation offers an alternative to traditional hair restoration methods and offers that alternative to those who are not good hair transplant candidates, but want the look of a shaved head, or who are simply not interested in a surgical option. It also offers us the ability to treat severe cases such as scars and also alopecia Universalis, which can have profound consequences for the self-esteem of an individual.

What is Hair Pigmentation Service?

Often considered a simple tattoo procedure, SMP is actually a sophisticated treatment based on highly specialized tattooing. It must be performed by a highly qualified physician and provides an incredible natural looking simulation of a shaved head full of hair when the treatment is performed by the right person.

For patients with Alopecia Androgenetic, male baldness (MPB), SMP provides an effective cosmetic solution. Regardless of the hair loss phase in which the patient is according to the Norwood scale, we can restore your hairs to the lower hair’s loss phase of your choice, with the appearance of a short shaven haircut.

Scalp Micropigmentation Results

The specialized equipment and needles with which this technique is performed are much better than the traditional tattoo used in general; And it is also not necessary to apply the pigment as deeply into the skin as necessary with other methods of tattooing. With the many different ink pigments available at our disposal, we can perfectly copy your natural hair color and make a seamless mix with your own hair.

Our years of experience in surgical hair restoration and other forms of hair loss treatments give us a head start in understanding facial variations, bone structure, creating natural hairlines that rearrange the face and give it a youthful appearance.

Scalp Micropigmentation Clinicaddresses many people who do not want to undergo surgical restoration treatment. A hairline can be created to look completely natural with a slight degree of pigment build-up to create the appearance of a higher hair density, looking no further than the natural look of a shaved head with hair.

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