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Let’s first discuss what a pee is and its role

Pee is a urine, a liquid by product generates in humans and many animals through metabolism. It flows from kidneys through ureters to urinary bladder. Urine excretes out through urethra from body.

Urine plays an importantrole in the earth’s nitrogen cycle. It is also used as fertilizer for plants to grow which maintains balanced ecosystem.

Let’s discuss what a person shall do if it needs to pee forcefully, so let’s find out How To Make Yourself Pee.

There are several conditions under which person has to make itself pee, such conditions occurs only when there is a medical reason.


  1. BEND FORWARD : First sit relax fully on the toilet seat and bend forward which will stimulate pressure in bladder and you will feel like peeing
  2. WASH YOUR PERINEUM :A squirt bottle use for washing perineiumwith luke warm water is a good idea, sit on toilet seat with cool and calm mind now rinse your perineum with water slowly you will need to pee in few seconds.
  3. MASSAGE YOUR THJIGHS: Sit relax fully on the toilet seat and place gentle strokes on your inner thighsusing fingertips that will help urinary bladder to stimulate urine
  4. RUN WATER IN SINK : Cool mind can achieve what it aims sit calmly on the toilet seat in the bathroom and run water in the sink and concentrate on the sound of running water itwill urge you to pee.
  5. TRY SUPRAPUBIC TAP : Another method that can be tried is suprapubictap this stimulates the bladder just by tapping at the frequency of 100 taps per minute for 30 seconds on lower abdomen this will help you to pee.
  6. DRINK LOT OFWATER: Drinking lot of water will help in stimulating bladder, any little amount of urine lingering in will pass out

Peeing is a natural process we all pee when we all feel like to urinate.  Our brain controls our mind and body, brain orders our body to pee we feel pressure in our lower abdomen. Under normal circumstances a person does not need to urinate forcefully such conditions arise only whenone has to produce a urine sample for medical reasonsif one is not able to pee forcefully or naturally then consult doctor immediately?

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