Why and When Should You Upgrade Your Hosting Plan?

Posted by eHosting DataFort on April 23rd, 2019

In the digital age, almost all small and big business owners want to build their online presence. They get their business websites designed by professionals and preferably choose shared hosting plans. These plans are perfect fit for micro-sites and are beginner-friendly.  But if a website starts to get higher traffic and visitors, they need an upgraded hosting plan. As an alternative, they will need to hire a service provider who offers dedicated hosting, managed VPS hosting services etc.

To maintain smooth performance of your website as per your business objectives, the right choice of a hosting plan is very important. Let’s dig deeper to know when and why you may need to upgrade the chosen shared hosting plan –

Why Upgrading Hosting Plan is Important?

Simply put, a lot of businessman does not know a lot about hosting plans while launching their websites. They want a low cost plan that can just make their website live. This is why shared hosting is highly preferred in the early stages. For small websites that do not see a ton of traffic, it turns out to be the best option.

But shared hosting plans come with certain limitations. As the name suggests, ‘shared hosting’ means your website shares the server space with some other websites. The sharing of server space may cause performance and security issues to your website.  So, it is important that you know when to upgrade the chosen hosting plan.

When to Upgrade Your Hosting Plan?

  1.  Your Website’ Performance is Failing

Think of it like a small retail store which cannot accommodate all the visitors reaching to its façade. Your website may not perform well if any other website on the shared server is using most of the CPU’s resources. Ultimately, your website’s performance will determine its success. On the other end, a slow performing website will turn the visitors away.

So, if your website does not load on the browsers in a few seconds and is slow in performance, it may need a better hosting plan. One way is to opt for a dedicated hosting service provider, instead of the shared one.

  1.  Your Site’s Downtime is High and is Increasing

Higher downtime of a website means that people can’t visit it. So, the chances are high that they will never try visiting it again. Lack of resources on the shared server may be the cause behind. For better results, you need to get your site’s activity checked and improved with the help of professionals.

  1.  You Want Higher Security for Your Website

If your plan is to make your business website grow in terms of traffic, usage and popularity, it is obvious that you feel concerned about its security. Most of the shared hosting plans lack in advanced security features. To ensure your website fights against malicious security attacks, you may need to change the hosting plan chosen.

A simple upgrade to a better hosting plan is something your website may need to offer best possible user experience.  Also, you are advised to choose a hosting service provider wisely.

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