Easy to assemble, lightweight, portable Garden Flags

Posted by Flag China on April 23rd, 2019

The Garden Flags are smaller flags that can be conveniently displayed in your garden, lawn, balcony, road or patio on masts, wall fans or bets. They have patterns printed on high-quality polyester fabric using a sublimation process that guarantees color accuracy and depth much more than traditional printing processes. Sublimation heat printing provides accurate replication of details in artwork. Custom-made flags are weatherproof and durable. These Garden flags wholesale are easy to maintain because they can be washed and ironed.


Normally, our wholesale garden flag is printed with a silk screen.

This is based on the advantages of screen printing:

It does not refer to the size and shape of the substrate, the general printing only in the plane, not only in the screen printing in the plane, can also be formed in special shapes, such as spherical surface printing, there are shapes All can be made by screen printing.

  1. Small soft print layout, soft and flexible screen.
  1. Strong ink coverage can be pure white in black print, a strong sense of three-dimensional.
  1. Suitable for all types of inks
  1. Strong anti-rotation properties can cause the gloss of the printed matter not to change. This prints some stickers without additional coating.
  1. Flexible printing methods
  1. Making boards, cheap, easy to use technology
  1. Strong grip
  1. Clean manual printing, but also machine printing
  1. Suitable for long-term viewing, outdoor advertising distinctive

Obviously, the silk screen is the best choice.

Item-Wholesale garden flags

Material-The two most common materials you can choose are:

1) Polyester 2) knitted polyester (for durability - longer life)

Size-12'x 18’

Properties-Easy to assemble, lightweight, portable

Print Skills-Silk screen printing, Digital printing, and Thermal transfer

Face-Rectangle, square shape

Structure-One-sided, double-sided with block insert

Logo-You can use any logo you want

Usage-Celebration; Display, promotion, sport, event, advertising.

Packing-1pc / poly bag and 30x40x50cm, 15kg / box

A custom garden flag can specifically help businesses and individuals promote their image, spirit and visibility through a wide range of customized products. The products we provide are designed to help increase visibility. Our garden flags are just like that decorates your garden, no matter what season or opportunity. You can imagine different colors and unique designs tailored to each season, event, celebration or outdoor garden flag holiday.

Usually, when we are dealing with our own flag with a large amount, we will finish printing on silk cloth. At the time of printing, pressing the squeegee transfers the ink to the substrate through the window of the graphics portion, creating exactly the same text as the original. Screen printing has many advantages: simple, easy to use, print, simple and low board, adaptability and so on.

Our goal is to help clients showcase their own printed products and increase visibility with flagship or banner movement. That's what we do. We not only design and print our own flag, banners, but also other promotional products. We provide services for national celebrations, school activities, shopping center promotion, as well as creating and creating a single flag for a special occasion.

Clients trust us in terms of their marketing needs, and we are committed to providing premium products and exceptional service. Our low overheads allow us to offer competitive prices while maintaining quality products. We offer a wide range of sizes and colors for low and high budget clients. Our priority is to help our clients stand out from the crowd by increasing traffic, sales, and brand awareness to attract businesses that they deserve.

We are the Garden flag wholesale suppliers that provide a high quality wholesale garden flag made from high quality raw materials and techniques that resist changing external climatic conditions. Not only the quality product we offer, but also the humanized service, the best shipping service and after-sales service we offer. Our goal is to help clients showcase their images with their own prints and increase the visibility of a large garden flag.

We are the Garden flag manufacturers that provide an effective branding solution that will bring your brand into action to ensure you have the best event ever.

For further details drop us a mail at info@flag-china.com or you can also call us at +8651985139200

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