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Posted by Dopeganja on April 23rd, 2019

A lot has been said and writtenabout mail order marijuana (MOM). While some people swear by it and call it oneof the most viable options available to buy weed, there are others who have101reasons to slam it. But despite all that, MOM is still one of the mostthriving businesses and a popular way to buy marijuana online.

Let’s take a brief look at the origin of mailorder marijuana…

MOM was born in 2001, following aregulation by Health Canada that allowed patients with certain medicalconditions to use medical marijuana. So, if a doctor felt that the patientwould benefit from using weed, they were free to prescribe it. Earlier, the patientshad to visit a marijuana dispensary and produce the prescription to buy weed.Then came a BIG shift in Canada’s mentality towards marijuana and this becamethe catalyst for the foundation of mail order marijuana.  Buy Marijuana Strains Online 

What Do The Studies Say?

In a study published on ‘OnlineSales of Marijuana,’ researchers have provided their views after studying thecurrent internet trend and searches. The study analyzed the Google searchesfrom 2005 to 2017. It was discovered that people’s search of terms like ‘weed’and ‘marijuana’ along with ‘order’ ‘shop’ and ‘buy’ has significantly increasedin the recent times.

The study involved a span of 12years and the researchers found that the trend of buying weed online hasescalated by 199 percent during that period. In June 2017, which was the lastmonth of the study, there were about 2.4 million searches in a month related tobuying weed online. Interestingly, the searches were not restricted to stateslegalized to sell/ buy recreational cannabis or medical marijuana.  Medical Marijuana Strains for Sale 

Despite the legal restrictionsand slow legalization of medical marijuana in the US and Canada, people are notjust searching for marijuana but also buyingmarijuana online. Ideally, theauthorities would want you to visit a marijuana shop, show your doctorprescription, complete the verification process and then get the weed.

However, this is a not apractical solution for patients who are unable to move out of their houses orhave medical conditions like anxiety and hypertension. As a result, they preferto buy weed online, as it not only saves them time and effort, but also keepstheir medical condition private as it eliminates the risk of being seen bysomeone when you walk into a marijuana store.  Buy Legal Marijuana online 

Beware of Fraudsters and Law Enforcement

There are several reasons thatmake it easier and safer to purchase weed online, however you need to becareful and avoid being caught in the wrong side of the law.

First of all, please bear in mindthat buying weed from Facebook, Craigslist, and Instagram users is both illegaland risky. There is an army of scammers out there who lure online weed seekerswith hard-to-believe deals and discounts. They may go to the extent of sendingimages of luscious buds by text messages on your mobile phone and once thepayment is made, you will never hear of them again. Save yourself from suchfraudsters and only buy from a reputable and certified vendor that has been inbusiness for a long time.   Where to Buy marijuana online 

Another important thing to becareful about is the law of enforcement. Before you order weed online, makesure it is legal in your state. It may be legal in the region where the onlinedispensary primarily operates but if you live in a location where recreationalor medical marijuana is not allowed, it will be federal offense.

Online dispensaries are a boonfor patients who need medical marijuana to improve their condition and helpthem lead a better life. However, it’s a long way before marijuana getssocially accepted and legalized as an effective medical treatment. Until then,you need to buy weed online with care to safeguard your interest and at thesame time ensure that you abide by the state laws.   

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