Everything you need to know about Round Cut Diamonds

Posted by certifiedloosediamond on April 23rd, 2019

If you are thinking of purchasing certified diamonds online, you might be overwhelmed with the variety of different types of cuts and shapes available today. Did you know that out of all the shapes and cuts, the round cut loose diamond is the most popular? It is the most preferred diamond for engagement rings as well as wedding rings. Though the shape of a round cut diamond is simple, the brilliance and elegance are something which cannot be matched. This cut is also known as the Round Brilliant Cut or just the Brilliant Cut.

Developed by Marcel Tolkowsky sometime around 1919, as part of his Ph.D. thesis. Nearly 200 years later, the round cut diamond is still one of the most popular choices of cut for engagement or wedding rings. round cut loose diamond is followed by princess cut diamond in popularity. A princess cut diamond is square in shape and because of this shape, it doesn't sparkle as much as a round cut diamond.

Wondering why a round cut loose diamond is the most popular cut for decades? it is because of the great brilliance and spark it offers when compared to the other diamond shapes. Moreover, this is one cut which can be recognized even from far away.

Why are Round Cut Loose Diamonds More Expensive Than Other Cut

A rough diamond is formed in an 'octahedron shape' and when you cut this shape into half, you are left with 2 square halves. For a professional diamond cutter to be able to transform this rough square into a round cut, there is roughly 35% of the diamond being wasted. Therefore, a lot of money is lost in the process to create a round cut diamond.

Before you purchase a certified diamond online to propose to your girlfriend, then it is wise to try and find out which shape she actually prefers. Obviously, the idea behind this is that you want to get her a ring she has always dreamt about and something she will cherish for a lifetime.

Make sure the diamond is GIA certified. This is an absolute necessity as it eliminates the tension about doubting the supplier. GIA certification basically tells you that the diamond is well cut, polished and about the fluorescence. Wondering how you will know if the GIA certification is original? Don’t worry! GIA certified diamonds have the certificate number inscribed on the diamond.

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