How to make your self-study more efficient for JEE main 2019

Posted by Digitalmaurya on April 23rd, 2019

Preparing for the JEE 2019 is a critical thing now as the exams are almost here and the syllabus is vast. No matter if you are going to appear this year or planning to sit for the exam next year, your preparation for JEE needs comprehensive learning and analytical expertise to interpret any subject to its core. Superficial preparations will never lead you close to success. You need a calculative preparation to maximize your chances to score high in JEE 2019. Though a little time is left for any further preparations, some tips could be of much help to determine your final performance. You self studies could be done in a much better way if you keep the following in mind.

efficient for JEE main 2019

Get a grip on the syllabus

Get to know every detail of the syllabus for JEE. Do not leave even a topic behind and enlist all of them to make sure that you do not miss out on any of the crucial questions. If you do not have a clear vision of the exact syllabus and content of the examination, you can land up wasting a lot of time preparing for the topics that are not even there in the syllabus. So be very careful when you choose a chapter to go through. So look for the actual syllabus that is available on the official website of JEE and plan your preparations accordingly to avoid any misappropriation.

Do not postpone the preparation of the difficult topics

There are some chapters in Physics, Chemistry Mathematics that always seems to be difficult for the students. If you find some chapters to be hard to cope with, do not keep it aside for another time. In most of the cases, that time never comes and ultimately head for the examination without getting prepared on those tricky chapters. Hence, it is recommended that whatever be the merit of the chapter, do it then and there so that you ensure full coverage of the syllabus leaving nothing behind you.

If you are preparing for Chemistry, do not skip the inorganic part of it. Most of the straight and easy to solve questions are asked from the chapters of Inorganic Chemistry. If you leave them for some other time, it might become taxing for your final JEE main result. Hence, no matter how difficult or uninteresting it might seem to you, always prepare for chemistry with special emphasis on Inorganic Chemistry to get some easy marks swelling up the aggregate. Also make sure that you do not skip chapters like States of Matter, Chemical Bonding, Equilibrium, Molecular Structure, etc. to ensure no loopholes at the preparatory levels.

As far as Physics is concerned, chapters covering angular momentum, energy, field theory, etc. should be given emphasis and prepared thoroughly. Kinematics and Dynamics are the two chapters that must be prepared with the numeric problems as questions pertaining to these chapters are generally of numeric type. The chapters like Electromagnetism, Current electricity, Waves must be prepared thoroughly as there is a possibility of repeat questions appearing in the papers remains for these chapters. These are some of the scoring chapters as well that might be useful in pulling up your aggregate. For every chapter including Modern Physics, refer to the NCERT books and reference books to make the preparation impeccable.

Mathematics is the most crucial part of the exam. This subject must have a comprehensive learning method during the preparations. No matter what, keep mathematics at the top of your priority list. Make some time every day for practicing the intricate sums and applications of geometry. 3-D Geometry, Vectors, Trigonometry Ratio, Integration, and Complex Numbers, Probability and Statistics are some of the critical topics of mathematics that are required to be learned with special emphasis as many of the critical sums come from these chapters. Limit & Continuity, Matrices & Determinants, and Straight Lines are some of the chapters that can be scoring and must be learned properly. Hence, almost every chapter of Mathematics is important in its own way and must be prepared thoroughly.

Keep the basics Clear

As far as a competitive examination of JEE level is concerned, having clarity of the conceptions is of paramount importance. For each and every subject like Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, it is vital that you prepare for the core of the subject. If you lack the conceptual clarity, the intricate or the application based questions will be a problem for you to solve. The NCERT books for 11-th as well as 12-th standards are a must for people appearing for the JEE. Always remember that the questions are set to judge the analytical power of a student for which straight questions are avoided strategically. If you know the topic by heart, any question can be solved.

Try to stick to a specific reference book

It has been seen as a common tendency amongst many students to shuffle between the books of references. If you refer to a number of books, it might create a confusion making the overall quality of studies, degraded. Hence, when you consult reference books, make sure that you study some and complete each of them. Every book has its individual approach and way of solving the problems. If you do not stick to one approach, it might lead you to confusion. Keeping the NCERT book as the primary textbook, opt for a couple of reference books for every subject and do thorough learning.

Take a look through the 11-th standard syllabus

Unlike the boards, JEE has chapters both from the 11-th and the 12-th syllabus. Almost 40-45% question relate to the syllabus of the 11th standard. Hence maintain the parity while preparing. Do not leave the previous year’s studies behind. The later-half of the 11th standard chapters should receive the highest emphasis.

The must attempts and the calculative attempts

There are few questions in the JEE examination paper which do not carry any negative marking. Make sure that you do not forget to attempt any of them. The best part is if they are right you get a score and if not, you don’t lose on anything. Hence the p[art that comes with no negatives must be attended. But for the questions with negative marking, attempt only those for which you are 100% sure or else you will land up losing scores for the right answers as well.

The examination is almost here, and every student is working hard to get through. Do not get stressed and prepare with comprehensive lessons and strategic planning to excel.

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