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Posted by Sarah Addyson on April 23rd, 2019

When it comes to the structure of a building, the current regulations require those various elements to have resistance to fire. Rigorous tests showed that by introducing a fire resistance system into the structure of a building, its ability to resist the damage of any fire situation will increase dramatically.

The structural steel work liverpool is a system that allows buildings to have increased fire resistance. The materials used in such structures are fire line board, Glasroc F board encasement, Beam Clad, intumescent paint, and P250.  

Fire protection services such as this benefit the structure and allow it to have up to 240 minutes of protection against fire. When it comes to the types of boards available nowadays, this certain method has seen major improvements. The structural steel work protection liverpool system is reliable and has an extended life span. It also has increased resistance to humidity and water, as well as a beneficial aspect regarding acoustic performances. 

There are fire boarded systems that can even be decorated as one desires. You can use plasters or paint to beautify and improve the aesthetics of the structure. The intumescent paint that is included in the structural steel work protection liverpool system is used as a safety measure. It has the ability to expand when faced with a high temperature and, although is inert at low temperatures, it provides insulation due to its complex chemical reactions. The temperatures at which those reactions became active vary anywhere from 200 to 250 degrees Celsius. When the paint expands, it acts as a protection feature for the steel, as well as an insulator that prevents the metal to be bent or damaged.

Other fire protection services are fire doors. How this works is that buildings are compartmentalized in order to prevent the spread of fire in a rapid way. Fire doors connect these compartments and allow movement through the building. There are two crucial aspects that fire doors accomplish in a fire situation. The first aspect is that when they are closed, they act as a barrier that stops the fire from doing further damage. The second aspect is that when opened, fire doors offer a way to escape the building and reach safety.

A timber fire door that is manufactured in a professional way will do an amazing job in delaying the movement and spreading of fire and smoke. At the same time, this kind of fire protection service will facilitate the movement of individuals and their possessions.

As a result of all these aspects that a fire door accomplishes, you can be sure that it is a valuable asset for every building.

Each and every fire door needs to act as a barrier that delays and stops fire and smoke from spreading, while at the same time needs to act as a passage to safety. Depending on the positioning and the location in the building, a fire door can accomplish both of these tasks in a successful way.

Fire Compartmentation Systems are another way to ensure the safety of a building. You can easily stop the fire from spreading by sub-dividing buildings into several separate compartments. These fire compartments are divided by making use of compartment walls and compartment floors that are made from materials that are fire resistant.

Fire compartments are parts of a building that consist of one or several rooms created for the sole purpose of stopping the fire from unfolding from one place to different areas of one building or other nearby buildings. 

A building that has separated parts is basically a building that has one part of it divided by the means of a compartment wall. These kind of walls are a key factor when it comes to fire safety and they can run up to the entire hight of their part.

Resource Box: The structural steel work protection liverpool  and all the fire protection services provided by JM Passive Fire Protection can offer you a safer place to be in and guarantees the longevity of buildings and their structure for a prolonged period of time. 

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