"Star Wars: The Old Republic" has finally achieved new expansion

Posted by smrtsmith on April 24th, 2019

When it comes to the source of video game drama, EA's Star Wars game and everything that happens on BioWare is at the top of the list. However, although it is easy to forget today, the TV series and the satellite wars of EA and BioWare have been seen a few years ago: the turmoil story of the Old Republic.

After collaborating with "Star Wars: The Knights of the Old Republic" to create a role-playing masterpiece, BioWare has made more money than God and can invest in the direct Star Wars MMO to shoot "World of Warcraft." Over the years, this game has continued to appear innumerable, as BioWare has clearly developed more SWTOR Credits US than previous games. But despite the strong push in 2011 (which killed the previous MMO Star Wars galaxy in the process), the old republic seems to have broken into the same "bad, not bad" scene as many games found after the launch of heaven...

These days, the old republic quietly sang a game that was profitable but very popular but rarely discussed free games. Now it is stopping its first expansion in three years, just in time for the impulsive time after the Star Wars Celebration.

Opposite the ancient war that is stopping between the old Milky Way Republic and the Sith Empire, the impact expansion takes players to new areas of new planets and old planets. Perhaps the most recognizable Star Wars fans are not those who are immersed in the legendary Corellia, but the main star of the Han Solo shipyard. Other environments include jungles and gas stations.

Onslaught also introduced new gameplay. As with the expected MMO, there is a level cap. There are new talents and devices to SWTOR Credits EU define your character build, including new "tactical items." Although this sounds cool, after obsidian understood its ambitious and appropriate solution, it soon became bitter and bitter to hear the old Republic. KOTOR 3. Where is Darth Revan?

In September of this year, the impact expansion of "Star Wars: The Old Republic" is available for free to subscribers. For more information on Star Wars, check out the first trailer in the first episode: The Rise of Skywalker and the Jedi Game: The Order of Degeneration. And check out these singular new Coca-Cola cans for the upcoming Disney Star Wars theme park.

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