5 SEO Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Posted by dennishahn on April 24th, 2019

SEO services are very much in demand in the modern age as everything is online and all businesses require global presence that can happen only through the internet. SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is a skill that helps to rank your business higher on search engines, making them popular fast. You can get on the top of the search engine ranking by using SEO tips and specific skills from popular SEO service companies in Dubai. SEO things can create brand awareness and reputation among customers leading to business growth and success. Important SEO tips from famous SEO services in Dubai help businesses to create their name in the business world. SEO content exposes your website and brings your business on the top.

For improving your online business rating, you need to avoid these 5 SEO mistakes:

  1. Image Size: You should avoid larger image size as Google prefers the small download size of the image. The filename of your image should be relevant as it helps to identify its name on the computer file.

  2. Keyword Research: It is important to do keyword research before posting it on the internet. Keywords should be used a few times in the content to make your website get a good rank on google. You should avoid keyword stuffing, it is about using keywords rationally and logically. You need to be careful while using the keywords in your content.

  3. Duplicate Content: Duplicate content is never accepted by Google. When two pages on the same site convey exactly the same thing, this is called duplicate content, and Google doesn’t like it. The length of your content is also an important SEO factor to be taken care of. One should aim for approximately 100 words per page and not more than that. It makes it look clumsy and unclear.

  4. Outbound Link: You should not forget to use an outbound link as it is a link from your website to another website. This will help to offer additional information about your website.

  5. Constant Updates: You should not forget to update your website regularly. Updating your website regularly can improve our web site's ranking on the internet.

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