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Posted by Garza Flora on April 24th, 2019

A wireless ultrasound scanneris just one of the things that the future has brought upon us. While you at first need to go to the doctor to have an ultrasound scanner, you now no longer need to do so because there is now this thing called a wireless portable ultrasound scanner.

That being said, what is actually a wireless USG scanner? Is it something that doctors have today? Is it expensive to get? Can non-doctors have such a thing? Those are the questions that we would be answering today, so if you are curious to know their answers, then you would no doubt find the exposition below to be helpful:

Wireless USG scanner explained

To make it brief, a wireless USG scanner is actually self-explanatory. It is an ultrasound scanner that you do not need a wire at all. Instead of having wires running from the scanner and into the display, a wireless USG scanner uses a direct connection from your smartphone into the scanner itself. It achieves this through an application that you can download on your phone.  

In essence, it turns the usually cumbersome USG machine into a wireless portable ultrasound scanner that physician can immediately use when they need to do that. In short, it turns every physician who owns the item into a walking ultrasound scanner.

Why is it good?

There are many reasons why it is good, actually. First, it allows physicians to quickly make an initial scan in case something happens to them or to others around them. A faster response time leads to a higher probability of saving the patients, which in turn increases life expectancy.

But that is not the only good thing about it. This thing is also a whole lot cheaper than your standard USG scanner. While most USG scanners will cost a physician about US$ 26,000, a wireless one will only cost physicians somewhere about US,000. A wireless ultrasound scanner might not be cheap in a traditional sense, but it is very much affordable compared to the wired one.

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