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Posted by Ainsleyaiken on April 24th, 2019

J. G. Finneran Association manufactures and supplies products under the name of J.G.Finneran Vials, biotechnology, environmental and laboratory communities. Association’s items include Snap Ring Vials, Snap Top Caps etc.

Description of Finneran Chromatography Vials:

Item # 100-Seal-PLT: The thickness of this Finneran Chromatography Vials is 50µm and 25µm. These polyester sealing films are used to minimise evaporation and is used for ELISA and general Incubation. Price of 100 units (50µm) is .20 and price of other one is .15

Item #100-THER-PLT: It is designed for thermal cycling applications. Its thickness is 50µm. It is used for standard PCR.One hundred pieces comeat a case and price is .30.

Item # 30108CP-1232:It is 100µL clear Polypropylene Vial. The shelf package comes with 100 pieces and the case package in 1000 pieces. It features clear Polypropylene with the transparency of TPX. Its cost is 0.58.

Item # 30108G-1232:Itis 100µL Glass-Clear Plastic (Plastic) limited volumethat comes in a package of 100 pieces. Its cost is .35

Item #30108G-1232A:It is 100µL Glass-Amber (Glastic) limited Volume Vial that comes in a pack of 100 units worth to .65.

Item # 30108P-1232:It is 100µL Polypropylene Finneran Chromatography Vials with maximum temperature usage 135degree-275 degree. One case contains 1000 pieces worth to 9.20.

Item #30108T-1232:It is 100µL TPX Polymethylpentene (PMP) vial. It is a lightweight, functional polymer, heat and chemical resistant properties. It comes in a case pack with 1000 unit in it,and the price is 8.17.

Item# 30109CP-1232: It is 100µL to 300µL clear Polypropylene R.A.M. Limited Volume Vial, 12 32mm, and 9 mm thread. One case contains 1000 pieces and cost is 0.58.

Item #30109G-1232 and #30109G-1232A: the first item is 100µL R. A. M. Insert-clear Plastic vial comes in a package of 100 pieces with a cost of .35 whereas item #30109-1232A is a 100L Glass-Amber Plastic Vial comes in a package of 100 pieces and the price is .55

Item #30109P-1232 and #30109-1232A: Item #30109-1232A is a 100µL Amber Polypropylene R.A.M Vial .100 pieces of Vial comes together in a case of price 9.51, and Vial #30109-1232 is 100µL Polypropylene R.A.M. it’s package contains 100 units of vial worth 9.20.

Item 3019P-12BK: It is 100µL Black Polypropylene R.A.M. Vial. The polypropylene used is black;The price of one pack containing 1000 pieces is 6.17.

Item#30109T-1232: It is a Vial with 9mm thread,and 100µL TPXR.A.M.price of 1000 unit is 8.17

Item# 30111CP-1232: It is 300µL Polypropylene Vial. The price of 1000 Vials is 0.58.

Item #30111-1232 and #30111-1232A: item 30111G-1232 is 100L Glass-Clear Plastic Limited Volume Vial. It comes in a case which has 100 pieces with a cost of .35. Item #30111G-1232A is 100L Glass-Amber Plastic Limited Vial. One case contains 100 pieces,and the price is .55.

Item #30111P-1232 and #30111P-1232A: Item #30111P-1232A and item #30111-1232 are 100L Amber Polypropylene Vial and 300L Polypropylene Vial respectively. Both come in a package of 100 pieces each and package with Amber costs 9.51 and without Amber cost is 9.20.


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