Digital Printing V. Offset Printing - Which One Is Better?

Posted by HoneyAdver on April 24th, 2019

Pamphlets, brochures, visiting cards, and banners are all part of the advertising arsenal in a company. Advertising is a major activity in the marketing department according to an ad agency in Pune. Advertising using different types of printed materials allows your company’s branding and message to reach the masses.

Marketing is a dynamic department that needs to constantly make on the go decisions. They have to create amazing and effective campaigns to push the sales of the company on a limited budget. One of the vital decisions that the head of marketing needs to make is whether to go with offset printing or digital printing. This decision affects the costs and the quality of the printing, notes an ad agency in Pune.

What Is Offset Printing?

Offset printing is lithographic printing. It is one of the oldest ways of printing. According to an advertising agency in Pune, the technology used in offset printing was developed on the basis of the chemical repulsion caused between oil and water.

In offset printing, the inked image is transferred to a chemically treated plate which is then pressed on a rubber blanket and is then ultimately transferred to the printing surface. Newspapers are printing using offset printers.

What Is Digital Printing?

Nowadays Digital Printing has become a modern method of Printing. In fact, it is one of the latest inventions in the world of the printing press! Under the digital printing process, there are no metallic plates or any rubber blanket.

It is a direct digital device to the printing method. The command is given by a computer and the toners and the printer to the job of printing immediately. Laserjet printers or inkjet printers are the preferred equipment for digital printing according to one of the best ad agencies in Pune.

Digital Printing V. Offset Printing

● Color Scheme

The colors we use in advertising are chosen for a specific reason. They are consistent with the branding of the company or have a role to play in creating a good psychological impact on the minds of the reader. Offset printing uses CMYK technology. It uses superior quality ink and will give you a high resolution, exact match of the ad copy.

According to an ad agency in Pune, the colors in digital printing go beyond the traditional CMYK. There are more choices available in digital printing. So if you are looking for customization, then digital printing might be the right choice.

● Printing Material

Printing material is a significant factor in choosing between digital and offset printing. If the printing material is regular paper (size not being a constraint) then offset printing is perfect. It will give you a uniform quality of printouts over large volumes.

If the material you are using is unusual, like plastic or it needs different finishes, then digital printing is the right solution. It is flexible and powerful according to the best ad agency in Pune.

● Volume And Time

How much is your printing volume and what is your deadline for the printer, these are the questions that will decide between offset printing and digital printing?

If you are looking at a large volume of printouts then offset printing is cost effective and efficient for your ads. But offset printing has a high turnaround time. Since the plates have to be custom created for your material.

Digital printing is the latest and quick one. All you need is a digital copy and you can hit the print command from the computer. But when it comes to large color ad copy volumes, digital printing may prove expensive.

Both techniques of printing are fantastic. Digital and offset have both advantages and disadvantages. What is the right choice for you depends on the criteria explained above by an ad agency in Pune

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