Why Should You Use Irrigation Tanks?

Posted by Linda Hudson on April 24th, 2019

Irrigation tanks are an artificial reservoir that comes in different sizes and shapes. They are generally used for harvesting and preserving rainwater, water from streams and rivers for later use. Often tanks are built in plateau surface of the ground, where water can be retained for a long time. In such areas rivers generally, don’t flow for the whole year and water is available only during monsoon. Because of the short supply of water, it is essential to store water for irrigation purpose.

The Benefits of Using Irrigation Tanks

Saves Money

Water is the most precious commodity, and it is available in scarce supply. Using irrigation tanks enables you to collect rainwater and even surface runoff for using it in the garden or for cleaning purpose. Nowadays, there are various water treatment options available, these options allow you to purify the water that you’ve collected, and you can use it for washing purpose. Rainwater can be used for watering the garden whenever needed, and it can also be used for cleaning the cars. This altogether saves you on a lot of money.

Reduce Flooding

Flooding generally happens when the natural water table is unable to hold all the water that is bearing down on it. When this happens, the water starts sitting on the surface, and the constant moisture leads to landslides and flooding damage. By installing a water storage tank, the water that usually ends up sitting on the surface is now be stored in a tank and used when there is a need.

Helps during Crisis

An irrigation tank enables you to have a constant supply of water even during the time of worst-case scenario- droughts. This water can be purified and used later on for various purposes.

Farming Irrigation

Keeping your farm sufficiently hydrated can be heavy on your pocket. Thus, farmers rely majorly on the rains to make sure that their crops are flourished which can give a good harvest at the end of the season. If in case there is no rainfall then the crops may either die or lose their health. Thus, harvesting rainwater enables you to save money by using the roofs of your structures to collecting the runoff. The water that usually runs off the roof and gets wasted is now collected in a tank and stored for irrigation of crops, and other produces.

Hence, it is beneficial to use irrigation tanks not only to harvest water for your needs but also to save the nature as a whole.

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