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Posted by Daniel Jones on April 24th, 2019

Mozilla has developed an email client referred to as Thunderbird for email communication among users. It has many features like multiple emails, a news feed, and newsgroup accounts and is an open-source client. Some enhanced features for users’ convenience like quick search, message filtering, and grouping options are also included. It is a quite bulky task to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF format because of the non-availability of direct manual option to export Thunderbird emails to PDF. Even if some other option is available, it doesn’t guarantee you a proper email conversion.

Reasons to Convert Thunderbird Emails to PDF

PDF is that the universal standard format for documentation, presentations, and evidence, whereas, Thunderbird is a desktop-based email client. PDF has been adopted the world over and is password-protected too. Thunderbird can't be viewed easily but PDF is simple to view and share. The document presentation in Adobe PDF format is the actual copy of your prepared layout. So the good thing about .pdf file format is its adaptability across all operating systems and its visually pleasing layouts. Other than that, there are varied reasons and some users undertake this conversion owing to one reason or the other.

Practical Difficulties for Thunderbird to PDF Conversion

Direct conversion of the e-mail messages from Thunderbird to the PDF format isn't possible since any such options aren't provided by Thunderbird. You will have to face certain issues like:

• Conversion of various emails not possible at a time.

• The attachments embedded among the emails could be lost.

• A lot of time needs to be spending in converting multiple emails.

• The email formats may not get stored after the conversion process.

• Technical experience is required for performing the manual conversion.

Professional Solution

It is best suggested not to save the emails in PDF format in Thunderbird manually due to technical issues involved. The extra solution is the use of tools to convert Thunderbird to PDF file format. Of the many available third-party tools, the best-suited one for Thunderbird files conversion to PDF format is the KDETools Thunderbird File Converter. This software is very easy and convenient to install and use. Thunderbird Converter is an efficient tool to convert all Mozilla Thunderbird emails to PDF format. This utility helps to transfer unlimited data files to .pdf format. The migration of multiple thunderbird data files to PDF file format is created potential through this third-party tool.


You can easily convert Thunderbird to PDF format because this article tells you the details about convert messages from Thunderbird to PDF format. We have explained the reasons above why users prefer to transfer to PDF format from Thunderbird. There are two ways to move all the messages and data from Mozilla Thunderbird to the .pdf format and this can be explained in steps below. Users can have to be compelled to convert Thunderbird emails to PDF file format due to varied reasons. The manual methods are lengthy and you risk losing data. So by using effective third-party tools, it's convenient and accurate to convert your Thunderbird emails to PDF format simply.

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