3 most neglected but important aspects of a great web design

Posted by Taimoor on April 24th, 2019

What makes a great website?

Is it the design, the aesthetics, the functionalities, or everything in between?

 For that matter, a website with exceptional aesthetic design might lure some users to it, however, without a solid architecture and security features it won’t be able to hang-on long to dominating position. Similarly, a website with powerful features might seems a good recipe for success, however, with bad design and the worst interface it will simply repeal customers to never return back.

But, then what’s the ultimate recipe to great web design?

The secret for the best website lies in balancing all the crucial components. Components that traditionally businesses consider important and feature that are often overlooked.

While you’ll find plenty of information about some important features, below we will be discussing features that aren’t discussed much but are an important component of any successful website design.

  1. Security

If you are into making business online, you ought to invest your time and money to get it done securely. Today, SSL certificate is a compulsion for all online businesses looking to break into the market. The SSL certificate helps secure the users’ data by encrypting the entire communication between website and clients (including credit card information and social security number).

Most users don’t even think of buying products/services from sites that don’t have an SSL security, moreover, Google has also started favoring websites with an SSL security, while businesses without SSL security are clearly marked as not secure by Google.

  1. Social Media Integration

There are tons of social media platforms offering businesses a wide variety of platforms to market and get traffic from. Now, even though many businesses do maintain at least the most basic presence on some of the social media platforms, they don’t really think much about integrating those platforms to the website and that’s a terrible mistake.

Integrating your social media presence to your website won’t just help people know about your presence elsewhere, it will also help you increase ranking over search engines like Google. Thereby, while you invest in creating content for your social media accounts, not integrating those accounts to your website is simply a waste of time, money and efforts.

  1. Responsive Website

While this isn’t the most neglected aspect of web design and many businesses are not actually turning to the tune of reality, many still haven’t made the move. I mean, is it hard to say that by not investing in a mobile responsive website, businesses are actually losing more than half of the sales potential?

Yes, the world has moved to mobile devices with the number of mobile searches exceeding that of desktop searches and businesses who are still hesitant to make the move probably should prepare to get dusted in few years.

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Taimoor Khan is an experienced SEO and digital marketing professional who loves to write about everything digital. With over a decade of international experience in the industry, he is one of the leading Digital Marketing professional in Pakistan. Currently he is the head of digital marketing at Brand Stallion – A website agency offering great web design services in Dubai.

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