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KohSamet One of the beautiful islands in the gulf of Thailand

Posted by glainmax55 on April 24th, 2019

KohSamet is a one of closest islands in the surrounding of Bangkok in Thailand. It is one of the most beautiful and one of the most visited islands.

Let us learn more about this Samet Island:

Where to Stay in KohSamet?

KohSamet island has a high concentration of hotels for the size it has.

The island of KohSamet has a high concentration of hotels for the size it has, but for all budgets accommodation can be found. On weekends and local festivals, they island can become very crowded and prices increase therefore accordingly.

Some people complain that the famous Thai hospitality is not well present on the island and that the service in hotels and restaurants is not as good as on the mainland. There are few luxury hotels, such as the KohSametparade resort in the  south of the Island.

Things to do in KoSamet:

The attraction of this destination is mainly its KohSamet beaches. These are the places where tourists come to relax and where other come to have fun. But for those who wish to have an additional option, in addition to the beaches, they can carry out some activities, among them:

•    Water sports such as jet sky, parasailing, canoe and kayak rides, windsurfing and catamaran
•    Fishing at cliffs, deep sea fishing and squid fishing,
•    Diving, to appreciate coral reefs, you can even take classes and even get a Scuba Diving certificate. There are several sites available to carry out this magnificent activity.
•    Boat trips can be in a large and slow or fast boat, to visit several of the surrounding islands.
•    Visit the cliffs along the coast to watch the sunsets.
•    Bike and motorcycle tours to explore the island
•    Visit the main land to visit the Rayong aquarium, cable rides and rainforest tours.
•    See the fire shows on the beaches, starting at 6 o'clock in the afternoon.

Where to stay in KohSamet?

Where to stay in Samet will depend on the budget that you have and of the desire that you have of tranquility or of being in a place with atmosphere. This island offers different kinds of KohSamet accommodation.

When to visit?
If we look at the possible bonanza of the climate, then the best time to visit KohSamed goes from mid-November to the end of April, between December and February the temperature will be spring and there will usually be sunny days.

It will also be the time with the hotel prices at the higher side especially during the weekends and festival seasons. However, during the week, the prices can be as low as during the low season. In themonths of March and April the temperature will be higher, sunny days are various important Thai holidays such as the Thai New Year festival Songkran when the island is reaching is maximum capacity also during the week.

Given the proximity to Bangkok, the island is very frequently visited by local tourists also during summer season between May and October.

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