R&D of Marine Resources

Posted by fifishrov on April 25th, 2019

R&D of Marine Resources


        The ocean, which accounts for 71% of the earth's surface area, is a rich and far from being exploited treasure house of resources. It is also the basic space for human existence and the battlefield where military forces meet.


        In the 21st century, the focus of the world's major countries tilts to the ocean. Behind the increasingly fierce disputes over maritime rights in the world are enormous marine interests. What’s more, human beings are facing three contradictions and challenges: population expansion and living space, land resource exhaustion and social production growth, ecological environment deterioration and human development. To maintain our survival, reproduction,and development, we must make full use of marine resources, which is an unavoidable choice.


        China is a large maritime country with a coastline of about 18,000 kilometers and more than 6,500 islands over 500 square meters. China also has a jurisdictional area of about 3 million square kilometers. Such a vast marine territory is not only rich in marine fishery biological resources but also extremely rich in oil and mineral resources. The ocean is also the main channel for China's foreign trade, especially oil and other important strategic resources import. Therefore, for our country which is short of per capita resources, marine development has more special significance.


         Exploring the ocean world and marching deep into the ocean cannot be separated from the development of underwater UAV technology. ROV underwater UAV can dive into the sea floor, obtaining underwater video data and collecting underwater samples, in order to provide strong technical data support for the development of marine resources. Therefore, vigorous development of underwater UAV industry is of strategic significance for the development of marine economy and exploration of the marine world.

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