Practicability of Underwater UAV for Civil Use

Posted by fifishrov on April 25th, 2019

Practicability of Underwater Drone for Civil Use

Considering the civil consumption level of underwater UAVs, underwater UAVs can be used in aquaculture monitoring, dam inspection, scientific research,and exploration, underwater photography, island tourism,and other fields to help people better realize underwater operations.

Firstly, underwater UAV is more adaptable to the environment.

1.The underwater visibility is much lower than that in the air. Generally speaking, on the ground you can climb high and look far. But in water, the visibility of the human eye decreases as the brightness decreases. It is vaguely remembered that the naked eye can not rely on natural light sources to observe the surrounding environment after diving 20 meters in the sea. But with an Underwater Unmanned Aerial vehicle, it can submerge 100 meters and reach 500 meters by the operation, which means that it can carry out activities and observation in the water depth of hundreds of meters.

2. Underwater resistance is higher than air resistance. First, air resistance is affected by flight speed, contact area, air density, and other factors so there will be a flight environment test before aerial photography. The resistance of water is 800 times that of air. It is difficult to operate UAV smoothly in water.

Secondly, the operation of underwater UAV is simple and practical. Real-time action can be executed after downloading an APP in smart devices for remote operation. It also has other advantages, such as good maneuverability, strong maneuverability, no casualty risk and so on.

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