Unique Practical Value of Underwater UAV

Posted by fifishrov on April 25th, 2019

Unique Practical Value of underwater drone

With the prosperity of consumer-grade aerial photography UAVs in Dajiang, underwater UAVs with unique practical value, as a black horse, have become entrepreneurs competing for new heights.

1. Make ship fishery detection cheaper

In the field of efficient marine fisheries, Underwater Unmanned aerial vehicles can be used for external inspection and fishery breeding. For example, external inspection of the bottom of a ship are needed, including large and medium cargo ships, passenger ships, large fishing vessels, etc. Traditionally, it mainly relies on a large number of frogmen for inspection, which is not only expensive, but also affected by weather and temperature. The same is true of Fisheries and aquaculture, which traditionally relies on divers and large-scale fixed monitoring equipment to check water quality, fish, cages, etc. Later, these tasks can be easily accomplished by underwater UAVs.

2. More accurate fishing by sea fishermen

In the field of personal consumption, underwater UAVs can provide help for diving enthusiasts; shooting for diving enthusiasts and exploring the waterscape. For example, before you want to shoot underwater scenes, divers need to carry high-value diving cameras. Ten meters is the limit. But the Underwater Unmanned Aerial Vehicle can easily dive 100 meters and record the trajectory of the swimming fish with a high-definition camera. Sea fishing is also an area where underwater UAVs can help fishermen find fish or precisely place bait near the fish.

3. The ultimate goal is to save lives.

The ultimate goal of Underwater UAV is to save people. Compared with traditional underwater rescue, underwater UAV has more advantages.

Traditional underwater search and rescue requires frogmen to enter the water, and some scenes need to be accurately positioned by large sonar devices. Now a few kilograms of heavy underwater UAVs can get all this.


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