Underwater Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Future of Marine Fisheries

Posted by fifishrov on April 25th, 2019

Underwater Unmanned Aerial Vehicle-Future of Marine Fisheries

First of all, there is huge market space for underwater drone. In terms of Fisheries and aquaculture, China's aquaculture area is 8465,000 hectares, of which 27.38% is mariculture area and 72.62% is freshwater aquaculture area. There are 32,000 aquaculture farms in China, covering an area of 10 million hectares. It is necessary to check the temperature, salinity, PH value, dissolved oxygen of water quality, observation of fish, shellfish, sea cucumber, cage inspection, artificial reefs and so on. All of these provide a huge market demand for underwater robots.

Secondly, it is technically feasible. Compared with the offshore oil and gas industry, the application of underwater vehicles in marine fisheries has two advantages: firstly, the depth of the sea water in fisheries is shallow, so the technical difficulty is greatly reduced and the operation is simple; secondly, the requirements of the fisheries on the seabed topography are relatively low, so the general small underwater vehicles can meet the operational requirements.

In the way of realization, the underwater vehicle transmits video and water quality data to the land control room through the intelligent terminal, and then sends the video and water quality data to the user's terminal by the land control room. Users watch video and water quality parameters through the terminal, sending commands such as oxygen enrichment and bait feeding according to the needs of aquaculture. In this way, remote and all-round monitoring and automation of aquaculture waters can be realized.

In conclusion, underwater UAVs have great potential in the field of marine fisheries.

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