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Buy Natural Rashi Stones or Gemstones online by Khanna Gems

Posted by khannagems on April 25th, 2019

Rashi Stones

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Rashi Stonesare pure and untreated stones based on person’s zodiac sign. They give calm and release anxieties from the wearer’s mind. It makes person more alert and agile towards his/her goals. According to Astrology, these Rashi Stones are associated with the nine planetsboost the effects of your birth planet andweakens the negative effects of other planets.

Keeping the magical effects of these stones, one should always go for certified genuine Rashi Stoneswhich will bring good luck to the wearer’slife.You should check a certifiedastrologer before you buy your birthstone to get its curative effects.

Sometimes, retailers sell inferior quality of gemstones at discounted pricesin the name of genuine stone but either they are fake or synthetically formed. Buy Rashi Stonesonly from certified retailers or gemologistwhoguarantees you for natural gemstone which are neither heated nor chemically treated.

Buy Gemstone online

Buy Gemstones onlinefrom Khanna Gems situated in JanakPuri, New Delhi. They have all types of precious and semi-precious Rashi Stonesat reasonable prices online or offline.

All these gemstones are govt. lab certified which guarantees originality and authenticity of the gem formation. They have variety of natural gemstones online in different cut and colour.  You want to purchase stone or some gemstone jewellery, Khanna Gems is the best option.

Buy Gemstones Onlineor your Rashi Stones after carefully evaluating on 4C’s – Cut, Colour, Carat & Clarity. Better the cut better is the radiance of the gemstone and the pure fine colour of a gemstone is the genuine gemstone. Rashi Stones will always have some inclusions that affect the visibility of the gem. It is not very easy to identify the genuine gemstone from the huge range of colourful gems. Therefore, it is advisable to consult the genuine gemologist for your right birthstone.

To Buy Gemstones online, Khanna Gems is most trustedgemstone brand in India. Mr. Pankaj Khanna is a renowned Astrologer and Certified Gemologist under whose supervision all the gemstones are procured and graded very carefully. He brings more than 30 years of experience of identifying real Gemstones to get the superior quality of gemstones and gem’s jewelry for their esteemed clients.

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