Characteristics Of Low Quality Bobblehead Dolls That You Must Avoid

Posted by David Scharf on April 25th, 2019

Bobblehead collecting is not always cheap. With the price of custom bobbleheads that can reach -80 per piece, you really need to pick the supplier that can provide high-quality products for your collection. It is the same when you use the custom figurines as gifts or business promotions. Each product needs to have a high quality finish to ensure that it doesn’t give any bad image for you or your business.

Unfortunately, there are many bobblehead suppliers that are available in the market today. Many of them offer lower production prices for personalized bobbleheads with the compromise in quality. You might not notice it at first sight or you might not know it because it is your first time ordering a custom figurine. But, low quality bobblehead dolls won’t last forever.
Here are the characteristics of low quality bobblehead dolls that you must avoid:
1.   Outer Coloring With External Paints
One important factor that makes a custom bobblehead looks good is the coloring. How the maker applies colors to the custom figurine will determine its overall quality. This is especially true in bobbleheads that have colorful outfits and overall colorful vibes. When you place it on the display, the colors need to be vivid and good enough to make it stand out from your entire collection.
The best way to color the custom bobbleheads is with the clays that are used to make it. The coloring that is done using external paints will tend to wear off very quickly, and it will not be as good as when you use the clays itself as the base colors for the custom figurines.
2.   Bad Proportions With Low Details
The idea of bobbleheads is to have the custom figurine’s head bigger than the overall body. But, the proportions need to be good enough as not to create any imbalance for the custom figurines. When the custom bobbleheads have bad proportions, such as when the head is too big or too small, it will decrease the overall quality of the dolls. So, you need to find the supplier that can provide personalized bobbleheads with good proportions.
Another thing to notice is the similarity between photos and the end product. The expressions on the bobblehead dolls need to be similar to the photos provided to the supplier. If the supplier cannot provide high details for the expressions or outfits for the custom figurines, then it will not be a good collection piece for you.
3.   Low Quality Finish With Weak Materials
The finishing for the dolls also need to be done properly. The clays need to be properly baked, so that the finished products will look good and elegant. If it has a low quality finish, it won’t be good when you display it on your shelf or desk. Moreover, if the finishing quality is good, you will be able to pass it as premium quality gifts in your personal events or business promotions.
Also, the clay materials used need to be durable and not weak. The materials that make the custom bobbleheads must withstand damages when they fall. It must not be easily cracked. It must be flexible and durable, especially for the head area.
When it comes to purchasing a custom bobblehead, stay away from the low quality ones. You need to choose your supplier carefully to avoid getting products that are not according to your preferences and specifications. Also, it is important to know the regular price range of custom bobbleheads as not to fall into the trap of buying cheap products with low quality. Abobblehead Custom cheap bobbleheads from your photos.

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