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Posted by jeaniewatson on April 25th, 2019

Fine Art Professional Start traditionally by emulating the concepts from the routine life and gradually you may move into abstraction. You can draw and paint portraits, still life, and even the landscapes. At times you may also copy an idea from the photograph or the reproduction of the art. The key goal at such time was to represent which is seen quite closely. When you are doing the "abstract" or you will move away from the reality. You may still start with subject, but you does not feel any bound to represent them, only to use them as the starting point for. You may also check some of the paintings or abstracts from famous Female Abstract Artists to get an understanding about how it is done.

It is important to understand that every art is an abstract in a way that it is not only an object itself. Various people who are renowned as "abstract artists" or Famous Still Life Artists are undeniably painting upon any subject, but stylizing the subject freely. If you wish to paint  "abstract paintings" but even have any trouble to figure out how you can approach canvas, try taking the subject that you have painted prior to abstracting.


When you are painting the abstract from life, for instance, try squinting the eyes till you can see the blurry outlines of the subject. You may familiarize yourself with Female Still Life Artists to take a better understanding about the paintings. You need to take a pencil or a brush and then sketch in broad shapes as well as contours. Or you may take small section of the subject and blow them up to cover entire canvas. 

You may now stand back and analyze how does the composition unfolds, check the shapes that take form as well as become quite interesting, devoid of taking any reference to the subject. Professional Interior Designer also can give you ideas about the abstract paintings. You may start playing with the composition, removing or adding shapes, changing the color, strengthening the drawing lines. You should work fast, and stop and then you should study what you have drawn.

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