How to Get an amazing logo for your business?

Posted by aloisiochnha on April 25th, 2019

Have you ever thought why companies pay thousands of dollars for a simple logo? Have you ever thought why logos are important? Logos are the visual representation of your company, think about Apple, Google or Facebook, their logos are so fundamentally simple, and everyone knows them by heart.  Here you can read and get information about Logo Design Vancouver.

A logo is an identity for a company, a simple yet elegant way of branding; a well-designed logo will get you many loyal clients due to its memorability. Many small companies refuse to invest in a logo; this will cause them to lose out on an amazing yet efficient way of branding.

Types of Logos

There are primarily three kinds of Logo Design Coquitlam; that can branch out to many other forms.

Firstly, Font-based logos are logos that use a certain type of font to spell out the name of the company or the brand it’s trying to represent. It can be seen on companies like Disney or Sony. When creating a font based logo use a unique style of font, this will make it stand out.

Secondly, Abstract art logos are logos that use a simple yet bold art to represent the Surrey Web Design. The human mind can recognize simple abstract arts way easier than complicated ones. This kind of logos is used by large businesses such as Twitter or shell.

Thirdly, Combination logos are the combination of the top two, abstract art with the name of the company. Using this type of style gives you a lot of rooms to play with branding. Adidas uses this and on some of their apparel only the logo is seen, but their main logo is always a combination.

Creating a Logo

When the Graphic Design Surreyis creating a logo, make sure you know who your targeted customers are. The colors of logos will also leave an impression on your client base so choose a base color that best represents your company or brand.

The best way of creating a logo is to go to the proper design firm; it will cost you somewhere around 150-4000 USD but remember branding is the cheapest form of marketing.

You want a logo that is simple and easy to recognize, it must incorporate the attributes and core values. It will remind your clients on who you are and what your company represents.

Lastly, don’t forget to register your precious logo with your local patent office to prevent other of your competitors

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