Give Your Wall Decor An Artistic Feel With Canvas Prints

Posted by Noya Boom on April 25th, 2019

A canvas print is an image printed from an inkjet printer onto canvas, after which the canvas gets stretched onto a frame. People often confuse canvas print with a canvas paint, mounted print, or acrylic print. However, a mounted print is nothing but a paper print attached to a backing board and the emphasis is on preserving the photo and preparing it for framing later. Whereas, an acrylic print is an image printed on a photographic paper, which is then placed between sheets of acrylic. On the other hand, canvas prints, that are imprinted from on inkjet printer onto canvas, evoke an artistic feel.

Canvas Prints Vs Paper Prints: Which One To Choose?

  •  If it involves reproducing artwork, paper print isn’t ideal because it lacks the texture which is found in a canvas print. Moreover, it can have a reflection caused by sunlight. Also, when it comes to getting a paper print framed, it can get quite costly, especially when large print sizes are required.
  •  Canvas prints, on the other hand, are the perfect choice for reproducing artworks since they evoke an artistic feel and people are conditioned to see art completed on canvas. If a painted effect is what you want to achieve with your artwork, canvas print is the perfect choice to go with. It outlasts a paper print because of the durable plain weaving. Larger prints last even longer. Also, when it comes to getting these prints framed, it isn’t very costly.

How To Select The Best Canvas Print Size

  • If you want to update or transform your wall decor with a canvas print, you might want to select one or two large canvas prints to enrich the colors and furniture in your room. Go for a 10”x8” canvas print size for fill-ins in your gallery wall. You might even be able to use them as a small desk or bookcase accessory. A family photo goes the best on this size. However, you can also print out an image and trim to fit.

  •  If you want to display a large photo but have limited wall space, a 12”x12” size should be the most ideal. It would look great with a single large image or you might even consider to break it up into a photo collage.

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